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    Modular Server - cannot add shared lun to an additional blade

    Chris Nenzel


      Since the 11.6 update I cannot add a blade to a shared LUN if the LUN is attached to another Compute Module and the Compute Module is powered on.  The dialog window pops up properly and I can select the server to add to the LUN but clicking the apply button after typing CONFIRM in the text input window does nothing.  If I hover the mouse over the Apply button when using IE I see a javascript:null message in the main IE 9 status bar.  


      If I power all of the Compute Module off then I can assign the LUN to another Compute Module...


      I've tried adding the modular server to the trusted zone on the machine I manage the device with, importing the self signed certificate into the trusted root store and have tried to accomplish this with IE 9, Firefox and Chrome without any success.


      If anyone else has run into this problem and has resolved it please let me know what you did.  Having to schedule a complete outage to manage storage is not particularily acceptable to me...