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    DH77EB CIR not working with Intel Nuvoton driver


      I've recently bought the DH77EB motherboard and the Inteset Intel CIR receiver. ( Intel CIR Receiver)

      When following the instructions from Inteset, first plugging the receiver to the motherboard (with no power, off course), then trying to install the Nuvoton driver from Intel (version nr: 2.2.2011.128). When I try to install the Nuvoton driver i get the message: "Can't find CIR device!!"


      I've tried everything i can think of:

      1.. I have all the latest drivers and the latest BIOS available for this motherboard, to this d

      2. I have tried formatting the drive and doing a fresh install of Win 7.

      3. Inteset (the company that makes these CIR devices) has been kind enough to send me a new board and cable (CIR device)

      4. I've tried to check if it's enabled in device manager, but don't know what it's supposed to be called.

      5. In BIOS I've tried to turn CIR on, but it's not possible to choose anything in the CIR option (dark grey in BIOS)


      And I still get the same message when trying to install. Has anyone got CIR working with this motherboard? Anyone got a clue of what might be wrong?

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          While I do not have an IR blaster equipped on the DH77EB board I'm using, I did install the Nuvoton driver to get rid of a driver not loaded exclamation mark in Device Manager. I found that even if the CIR option is disabled in BIOS, a Consumer IR Device will still show up under System Devices:


          I tried enabling CIR in BIOS to see what changes, if any, would occur in Device Manager. I found two new entries were added to the Human Interfaces Devices group a MS eHome Infrared Transmitter and the Nuvoton CIR W836x7HG Device Driver:


          The only thing that I could think of that might interfere with the driver being able to load is having the parallel port enabled. There's a note about this in the BIOS warning that CIR won't work if the parallel port is left enabled.


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            Thanks! Going in to BIOS, turning off parallel port and CIR on, made the driver installation work. Haven't tried using a remote yet, but I will try tomorrow. I'm so happy right now, all this work and it turned out to be something as easy as just enabling the CIR in BIOS.


            Thank you very much;)