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    DH77DF misapplies memory voltage settings


      Update 8/25/2012 - I have got down to the root of the problem, and it's not good.  I have been using this board since May, and have RMAd 4 different sets of RAM, all of which were used at their stock settings or even slower.  I suspect this is indeed due to the board over-volting the memory due to a bug in the BIOS settings that leads to incorrect memory VRM settings.

      Here's what I now know for sure:

      The measurements shown in Intel Desktop Utility and in system setup > Fan Control & Real-Time Monitoring > Memory Voltage are correct.  The measured voltages may differ from the settings, but the measurement is correct.  I confirmed this by reading the voltage off the caps adjacent to the memory slots.  If IDU reports 1.75v, I read 1.75 off that pad.  If it reads 1.53v, I can read it off the caps.  (Thanks go to erc, Daniel, David, and others in the tread for noticing this inconsistency)

      This sequence can cause the motherboard to supply an incorrect voltage to the memory every time.  Here's a video showing the sequence: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=1AC889188B918540!569&authkey=!ADhaCNCCUVXtLTI

      • Get the system to a clean state by resetting BIOS defaults
      • Exit, let system warm boot, and go back into BIOS.  Check voltage at Fan Control... - it will be correct (1.5 in my case) - video 0:00 to 0:30
      • You can reboot multiple times here, or go into Windows, run IDU, and it will continue returning the correct voltage.
      • Here's the problem: Now go to Performance, and change the value to Yes so you can see the memory/cpu settings.  Don't change anything.  Notice - the voltage setting will be correct here (1.5v in my case) - video 0:30 to 0:48
      • Reboot.  Go back into BIOS, and go to Fan Control...  At this point, the voltage will be wrong.  In the video attached, it shows 1.75v. - video 0:48 to 1:00

      Now you're on track to kill the memory in a few days to a few months.  Here's how to get back to defaults. - video 1:02 to 1:50

      • Reset BIOS back to defaults, save settings, then TURN THE SYSTEM OFF.  If you don't turn the system off, the buggy settings WILL PERSIST.
      • Turn it back on, go into BIOS.  Confirm voltage - it will be back to the correct default. - video 1:50
      • Change your other settings back as needed for boot device, etc
      • Boot up Windows, run IDU - voltage will be correct

      At this time, I'm not worrying about timings, etc until this voltage issue is resolved.  I'll update the thread once Intel is able to fix this firmware issue and work towards getting back to the 1600mhz my CPU and memory were designed for.


      Original Message:

      I have tried 3 different sets of memory trying to get to DDR3 1600mhz timings at 1.5v.  Each time, in the BIOS, Performance, Memory - it shows that its automatically choosing 1.5v, 1333 MHz, timings 9-9-9-24.  If I change from "Auto" to "XMP" profile setting, then it will show:

      1600mhz, 1.8v, and the correct CAS/RAS timings.


      My CPU (Intel Core i5-3550) could be damaged by voltages that high, so I have not attempted these settings.


      I checked the memory's SPD data in CPU-Z, and it correctly shows the XMP profile for my Corsair XMS3 memory to be 1600mhz, 11-12-12-32, 1.5v.


      I also attempted to use Crucial Ballistix Sport (1600 9-9-9-24 1.5v), and Mushkin Blackline (1600 10-10-10-24 1.5v) modules - all led to the same incorrect 1.8v XMP profile.


      Can someone confirm if this is just a display bug, or if it will actually attempt to use 1.8v in the XMP profile?  I would like to run my memory at max speed.

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          1600mhz, 11-12-12-32, 1.5v you should enter the information manually and avoid any future problems.



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            I have the DH77DF motherboard and i also have problems with the RAM voltage. My RAM is the Corsair Vengeance LPW (SPD 9-9-9-24, PC3-12800/1600MHz and 1,35 volts) and every time i change the Memory profile of the BIOS from "Auto" to "XMP" it also shows 1,8 volts and 1600MHz.


            Since the XMP Profile has a lower voltage, at least in theory, the system should consume less power and have a lower temperature when it is enabled. So i decided to test the system with the profile enabled in BIOS and compare it with the defaults settings. For this i used these 3 variables:


            - The RAM voltage showed in Intel Desktop Utilities;

            - The system's power consumption (measured with a Kill a Watt);

            - The temperature of the RAM modules.


            First i tested the system with the default settings of the BIOS. In this condition the latest Intel Desktop Utilities displays the memory voltage of 0,94, the system idles at 31 Watts and BIOS shows the RAM voltage of 1,56 with the speed of 1333MHz,


            Then i tested the system with the XMP Memory profile setting of BIOS. In this condition the latest Intel Desktop Utilities displays the memory voltage of 0,69, the system idles at 27/28 Watts and after the first reboot BIOS showed the RAM voltage of 1,39 with the speed of 1600MHz.


            I do not have a thermometer, but after touching the RAM modules with my fingers i could easily feel the lower temperature of them when the XMP profile was enabled.


            Clearly the Intel Desktop Utilities has a reading problem, but since it showed a lower value with the XMP profile and the system consumption was also lower i thought that it was just a memory display error and so i left the system with the XMP profile on. Then every time i started the system i checked the ram voltage (in BIOS and in Windows with Intel Desktop Utilities) and every time there was a different reading in BIOS and about the same in Windows. One time it even showed 1,76 volts in BIOS and a "normal" value of 0,69 in Windows. When i disabled the XMP Profile it showed only 0,7 volts in BIOS.


            IMHO these tests confirm that there is a reading bug in the BIOS and in Intel Desktop Utilities, but as @Victor_Intel recommended to manually set the RAM settings i will do that to avoid any problems and hope for a BIOS update that can fix the memory settings.


            System specs:

            CPU: Core i5 - 3550

            MB: DH77DF

            RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPW

            HD: Samsung 160GB/7.200 rpm

            PSU: OEM TFX - manufactured by FSP


            PS: Sorry for my english. It is not my native language.

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              I've tried to use XMP profile (says 1.8v) - BIOS doesn't start

              After 2nd try, BIOS recovers to previous settings (thanks to failsafe watchdog, don't disable it)


              I'm not sure if that's a bug of bios but sometimes xmp profile shows tRFC = 107 (which is default in auto mode), but in most cases it sets tRFC = 15


              Used bios 0069, 0095

              CPU: i5 3550

              MB: DH77DF

              Memory: new Geil Black Dragon, manufactured in 1st quater of 2012, (on the box it says - support of 11-11-11-28 1600MHz 1.5v)


              Proposal for bios firmware: I would like to be able to change memory clock speed directly (at least give a choice of 1333 vs 1600, ivy bridge chipset supports it)

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                I double checked everything, and if I do full manual settings, I still cannot change the speed to 1600mhz.  The only way to get to 1600mhz is with the XMP setting, which is not safe.  There is no way to manually set both the speed and voltage to force it to 1600mhz, 1.5v that the memory was designed for and has in the XMP profile.


                Does anyone know if there's another way to raise this issue with Intel?  It looks like we have 3/3 people confirming this as a bug.

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                  Daniel Reyna

                  im having the same issue on XMP profile they show 1.8v. The memories i bought are supposed to be 1.25v and wont boot if i manually put the voltage, i tried them on a different (asus mobo) and they work fine


                  another thing i noticed is that even thou you put your memory to 1.5, on the voltage monitor it says 1.7 and had to lower it to 1.4 so it could show 1.54 in the voltage monitor


                  i expect this kind of issues from foxconn not from intel

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                    My memories are 1,35v but the board only boots with 1,4v. Maybe if you put 1,3v it will boot.

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                      Daniel Reyna

                      i already tried all voltages, and anything below 1.4 wont let me boot

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                        I'm seeing similar problems with a DH77KC, 3770, and Mushkin 996988 memory(1.35V, 1600, 9-9-9-24).  Selecting XMP profile changes the voltage to 1.8V.  If I manually set the voltage to 1.35V, the system continuously power cycles.  More details here:


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                          The BIOS of the Intel DH77EB (OK, not the same board) recognized the XMP-data of the G.Skill DIMM 8 GB DDR3-1600 Kit (F3-1600C9D-8GAO, Ares-Serie) correctly, after I change from "auto" to "XMP" setting: 9-9-9-24 at 1,5 V. After that, Win 7 64 bit home premium works stable and show a performance index of 7.7.

                          May be it is helpful

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                            Daniel Reyna

                            nope, tried your XMP solution wolf142 and still no success, my computer wont boot

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                              I'm having the same issue as everyone else here. I am using a Samsung 1600 kit that is rated to run at 1.35v (MV-3V2G3D). It doesn't have an XMP profile so I am limited to 1333, but when using the auto setting (1.5v), the BIOS shows a ram voltage of 1.75. Like erc, Daniel Reyna and galens I cannot manually set the voltage below 1.4 without the system power cycling. Lowering it to 1.4v will display a voltage of 1.56.


                              I'm sure the majority of us in this thread using low voltage ram would love to actually run it at its rated voltage.

                              Please fix this!

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                                I am also having this issue.  DH77DF with Corsair Vengeance 1.5v 1600 9-9-9-24 RAM.  Automatic sets it to 1.5v, 1333Mhz.  When I boot into Win7 Pro, Intel Desktop Utility reports it as 1.76v, 1333Mhz.  Go figure.  I go back into the BIOS and it still shows as 1.5v, 1333Mhz.


                                XMP-1600 profile sets it to 1.8v, 1600 Mhz.  Intel Desktop Utility reports it as 0.76v, 1333 Mhz.  Go back into BIOS and it still shows as 1.8v, 1600Mhz.


                                Behavior is consistent with both 0069 and 0095 BIOS versions.  I also updated Intel Mgmt Engine drivers to latest, fwiw.  No change in behavior.


                                Something ain't right!

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                                  Update: After much fricking around with manual settings (that I won't bore you with) and viewing details with both CPU-Z and Intel Desktop Utilities (IDU)...


                                  I set it back to XMP-1600 profile expecting to get same results as before.  I did not.  I was seeing an actual memory voltage of 0.76 before (in the BIOS under the Fan Control menu and in IDU).  Now, I see an actual memory voltage of 1.53, which is correct for my RAM, even though the XMP-1600 proposed voltage is still 1.8.  I guess I can live with that, although it would be nice if the profile and actual values agreed.


                                  Other kludginess...


                                  IDU always shows the memory speed as 1333Mhz, no matter what, even when BIOS shows it as 1600Mhz.  CPU-Z shows that the memory is in fact running at ~1600Mhz.  My guess is that IDU is not looking at the actual running speed; it's just looking at the nominal speed.  It would be nice if it showed actual running speed.


                                  CPU-Z also shows the SPD profiles in the RAM, which shows timings and command rate, all of which appear as I expected them to as 9-9-9-24 with tRC of 41 and a command rate of 2T.  When I select XMP-1600 profile in the BIOS, these are the values that appear, which is great that they agree -- phew!  However, when I boot with XMP-1600, go into CPU-Z and look at actual values, the command rate still shows as 1T.  All other values appear correctly.


                                  So...I went back into the BIOS and changed it from XMP-1600 to Manual.  I then changed nothing.  Left all values exactly as they were.  Rebooted.  Now CPU-Z reports everything correctly. Correct speed (1600Mhz), correct timings (9-9-9-24-41), and (drum roll) correct command rate of 2T.  And both BIOS and IDU show memory voltage as 1.53 -- CPU-Z does not show actual memory voltage.  So that's how I'm leaving it.


                                  Kludgy to say the least.

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                                    Mr. M

                                    This is ridiculous - I'm having the same problem, except it's with a DH77KC motherboard. Intel Desktop Utilities keeps warning me that my memory is operating at 2.02v when in the bios it's manually set at 1.65v. I too have used both the 0069 and 0095 bios versions.


                                    I really wouldn't expect this from Intel; really disappointing.

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