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      • 75. Re: DX79SI - Poor USB3.0 & LAN driver support

        just let you know that my issues seems solved so far,

        did i mentioned it already?


        i'm not sure if the boot failure with windows is completely gone,i'll see it in the next days but the randomly wake from sleep definitively seems to be gone with the latest lan driver installation.

        hey,this board has "felt" my light switch...


        there isn't any changelog that would let my know what is fixed or not so i recommend to install the latest updates and see it yourself,haha.


        i love this board and definitely recommend it!


        best regards,

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          So I was at an Intel server event in Chicago and asked about the problem to see if I could get any background info on the long pause at code 58 during boot.  Here is the response I received:

          "  we are aware of the issue and it is being worked on by our BIOS team.  We have a possible fix that we are evaluating.  We will include this fix in the next BIOS release if it fully resolves the issue.  "

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            i think or hope  intel is aware of this,as soon i went to the bios the randomly wake from sleep came back.



            when selecting a automatic ram profile in the bios the values are completely wrong.

            for example,the default value of my 2133 kingston ram is shown as 800 mhz in the desktop utilities and the 1667 mhz profile is shown as 1333 mhz but the voltage is raising from 1.5v to 1.65.



            best regards,

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              Has there been any progress on a solution for this issue?  As I understand it, there was supposedly a BIOS in the validation phase that should fix this issue with boot hanging at code 58 when USB 3.0 devices are plugged into the on-board 20 pin USB 3.0 header.  However, I have not seen a new BIOS to fix this issue and it has been a while.  I have had this problem for about 6 months and have not been able to correct it.



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                I got a new build setup with DX79SR board and unfortunately face the exact same issue. If no device is plugged in the boot is fairly quick and no yellow bang (Win 7 / 64bit).


                However if any device is plugged in any of the back panel USB 3.0 ports (tested with ext. hard drive and card reader) at boot it can take up to more than a minute at 9B and 58. The hardware is not recognized and I have the yellow bang.


                The only workaround I have found is to disconnect the hardware and boot. When I plug it in after it booted and I am at the OS it will work. I even can reboot and it will work , meaning no yellow bang but with approx a minute wait time with 9B and 58. However any touch of the Bios, cold start/power down will cause the yellow bang. Then I can't get it to work: reboot, power down or using the setup /S (for the driver) as recommended in this thread. The only option is to unplug anything connected to the USB 3.0 ports, boot to the OS and plug them back in.


                The reason I decided for this board was to have more USB 3.0 and Sata III ports. At this time I can't recommend X79 Intel boards until a fix is in place and based on this discussion I shouldn't expect to get a quick fix.

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                  Booth Harris

                  I am just a dx79si owner weighing in here with the same Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller install/boot hang problem....seems like many months not to "fix" this issue.....is a fix on the way?

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                    Sorry for the delay in response on this issue.  The workaround I mentioned previously has worked for everyone that has tried it and it is being put in the next BIOS update.  However, the next scheduled BIOS release is scheduled to be an update to the new visual BIOS core.  As this is a significant change it is taking much longer than expected.  I am working on getting a test version of this BIOS as well so those interested in testing it please let me know.




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                      Booth Harris

                      Hi Chris:


                      Perhaps I am looking at the wrong workaround: are you saying the fastboot link in your 2 May reply is the "workaround" for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller driver failure as well as slow bootup...or are you speaking of a different workaround?




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                        That is the workaround, the problem is it doesn't work in the previous BIOS release.  It worked in a test BIOS that I gave to a few people in May and should included in the next BIOS release. 


                        We are still working to find a fix rather than a workaround. 




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                          Booth Harris



                          Thank you and OK: will continue awaiting the fix since I use the latest bios officially provided by Intel desktop download..



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                            Booth Harris

                            Hi Chris:


                            Further to my reply 21 June, it seems to me that the dx79si hardware configuration significantly increases the chances that user's WILL be utilizing USB keyboards....ie, fastboot disabling USB seems problematic (as you undoubtedly realized in your 2nd May posting).  So this problem is significant...and needs to be resolved with more urgency that seems to be happening?


                            Just one more "local" problem: my dx79si primary pci-e x 16 slot, which I utilized for video card use, is not robust.  Any card that is put into it (I have tried two video cards, ATI and ASUS) "work"; however, if even the most minor vibration occurs to the casing (or environment supporting casing) or to the card while operating in the slot, the motherboard powers off!!!  Moving the card(s) to the secondary PCI-e slot completely resolves the problem...but the point is, I obviously have a defective slot, which is nothing you can fix, but which should be noted for the community of dx79si users, for good order.  I am not really sure what I should do about that and would appreciate any suggestions you may have.


                            But, again, the USB problem seems much weightier to me, for all dx79si owners/users.





                            • 86. Re: DX79SI - Poor USB3.0 & LAN driver support
                              Carlos Mora

                              I have the same issue with the USB 3.0 also Bluew screen some time only wuth shutdown PC I have spend so much money on this board and also the CPU i7 xtreme. Please some one advice what is the root cause and how to fix it. Also the USb 3.0 some times comes yellow mark in the device manager and when I connect hard drive or usb flash drive does not detect anything.


                              Please help. I got this board 6 weeks ago.

                              • 87. Re: DX79SI - Poor USB3.0 & LAN driver support


                                Still with the latest bios 0515 on every boot I get a red error:

                                Driver PCI returned Invalid ID for a child device (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF00)


                                And a yellow warning when I connect my corsair usb 3.0 pen (only with first connect)


                                The driver\Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device WpdBusEnumRoot\UMB\2&37c186b0&&STORGE#VOLUME#_??_USBSTOR#DISK&VEN_CORSAIR&PROD_VOYAGER_GT_3.0&REV_1.00#1111800000000879&0#.



                                Just reinstalled windows 7 64 bit. and no more yellow warning (with usb 3.0) Only the red error remains.

                                No idea what gave the yellow warning.



                                Regard Torben

                                • 88. Re: DX79SI - Poor USB3.0 & LAN driver support

                                  I'm also joining this camp here.


                                  Just finished building my new setup on a DX79SI, only to come across the boot hang-up at code '58' if a USB 3.0 device is connected to the front panel.


                                  Furthermore, when USB optimization is enabled, the yellow bang decorates my device manager.

                                  When USB optimization is disabled, the yellow bang disappears, but then when I plug a USB 3.0 device to the back panel (SS), I get a windows pop-up balloon saying that the device could perform faster is I connect it to a USB 3.0 (?!). Meaning that the back panel USB 3.0 connections are recognized as USB 2.0.


                                  I have the latest BIOS update from 5th May 2012, running bare stock, haven't upped any RAM voltage.


                                  Intel DX79SI


                                  Noctua nh-d14

                                  4x4gb G.Skill Ripjaws 1600mhz

                                  Seasonic x-series 660W

                                  Intel SSD 520 180gb

                                  Sapphire radeon HD 7950

                                  NZXT H2

                                  • 89. Re: DX79SI - Poor USB3.0 & LAN driver support
                                    Booth Harris



                                    Kinda surprised you don't respond for weeks at a time: this issue can cause intermittent rebooting among it's other issues...not a "friendly" symptom for those of us who purchased the MB....why isn't someone resolving this...NOW?


                                    If you have some kind of interim "test" bios that will correct this problem until the "real" fix is available, then yes, please send it to me. The "real" fix would, of course, be preferred, but waiting days and weeks more for resolution seems unnecessary and "customer hostile".





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