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        You might want to check with your motherboard manufacturer about the high temperatures of the motherboard.

        Just remember that Intel does not support over-clocking the processor above the turbo boost speed.

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          The real fix is not to avoid working the CPU but to provide adequate cooling.  The stock cooler Intel provides is inadequate.  The CPU reaches abnormally high temperatures (above 74 degrees C) even with normal workloads.  I had this same problem, same motherboard.  However, replacing the stock cooler with a Cooler Master 212 Evo, now I can overclock the CPU at 4.5 Ghz and run prime95 on all cores all day and it won't get above about 50 degrees C or throttle.

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            Thank you for the information you have shared with us.


            The cooler we provide has been test to have the processor working under the processor specifications and not when it is over clocked.


            Altering PC clock or memory frequency and /or voltage may reduce system stability and use life of the system, memory and processor; cause the processor and other system components to fail; cause reductions in system performance; cause additional heat and other damage; and affect system data integrity. Intel assumes no responsibility that the memory, included if used with altered clock frequencies and / or voltages, will be fit for any particular purpose.


            Over clocking is the process used to increment the processor frequency out of the processor specifications.


            If you plan to over clock the processor Intel offers the Intel® performance tuning protection plan for you to get warranty for the processor if it has been over clocked.

            The plan allows you a single processor replacement for your box processor but it does not cover tray processors. This is an additional to your standard 3 years warranty. If you are serious about overclocking, this plan can help you in case your processor fails for overclocking.


            The CPUs we make that are unlocked and the Intel® Extreme Edition Processors have a manufacturing process that makes them more robust to support customizations. This is because there is a sector of the PC market composed of power users, gamers and computer enthusiasts who wants to take the hardware beyond the factory configurations. Intel wants to provide to these people the ability to do so with our processors, but it is pretty known by the industry that any CPU being over clocked will be always at risk and will malfunction sooner or later; they are also pretty aware that they do that under their own risk as the product warranty doesn’t cover over clocking.


            My idea is to provide you with this information just to be aware about what could be the expectations when over clocking a processor. I’m in the best position to assist you with any problem you might with this CPU, but Intel doesn’t give warranty for a processor that doesn’t exceed the over clocking expectations of a user.


            Our over clocking web site gives some recommendations for safe over clocking, you can get better information about overclocking at:


            NOTE: This link is being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.

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