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    Series 520 480GB SSD, Sabertooth X79, i7 3930K ..... Toolbox not recognising SSD Model - but listing Firmware Version and Serial No.

    Roy Jackson

      I have justy received my system which is a


      Sabertooth X79 socket 2011 R.O.G.

      I7-3930k Processor,

      32GB Quad DDR RAM,

      Geforce GTX690 GPU,

      520 480GB Intel SSD (Boot)

      2 x Corsair Black 2TB HDD's (not RAID - 1 for User files, 1 for Backup)


      The tool box sees the SSD, Firmware (400i) and the SSD Serial No - BUT NOT the Model No, and that Drive details and Smart Drive details are greyed out also.


      I've updated all the drivers on the Motherboard - but the Tool box doesn't Recognise the drive .....


      UPDATE - the following Motherboad drivers are installed :-


      Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise oftware V3.0.0.3011)

      Asmedia SATA Controller Driver V1.3.1.0 for Windows XP/Vista/7
      Marvell SATA 6G Driver V1.2.0.1014 for Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit & 64bit.(WHQL)


      Dave mentioned about Series 11 Drivers working in another post thread - and that installing these can be complicated!! (which probably means beyond my expertise)


      And other dfiscussion threads talk about reverting to MS SATA controller drivers, also some mention of problems with the Marvel Drivers on the Sabertooth motherboard!! ...... to be honest I'm a bit lost!!


      Anyone got any advice?


      Kind regards


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