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    HD 4000 random crashes


      I have an i7 3770 and I installed the latest driver available on the site.


      I noticed that these mysterious crashes began when I installed the graphics driver; when it crashes, it has no BSOD, it just simply shuts off and then restarts itself randomly. At times predictably when I play videos.


      Upon uninstalling the graphics driver, there is no random shutdowns and restarts even when I play my videos (but since I don't have a proper driver, it plays the video not so smoothly)


      I have an Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 mobo, a Corsair GS700 PSU, 2x4GB G.Skill Sniper 1600mhz, a Seagate 500GB SATA, no GPU, and running on Windows Ultimate 64bit.


      Is there a problem with my processor's graphics? Should I have it replaced? Still fresh warranty since it is an Ivy Bridge.


      Thanks guys and gals! And do tell me if I have violated any rule on posting!

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          Jesse DeHerrera

          I have a i5-3570k, and i am having the same issues, thought i picked up a bad microsoft update so i got the EXE from intel, and its still doing it!!! says that the graphics media accelerator has stopped responding and is now restored...

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            look at this thread.


            Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker


            not everyone in that thread has the exact same problem but they seem related. In my case i also noticed sensitivity to video and other imaging content. Mine is even repeatable, it will always crash a t a certain picture and recover when i close it (hitting esc) or at the same position/scene in a video. Player or viewer don't seem to matter, resolution and displayed size do. It seems to happen less when no scaling is applied to the content. However this is not consistent.



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              Thanks for the link. It is a relief to know that I am not the only one having issues with the Intel HD4000. Also nice to know that the engineering team in Intel are aware of such driver issues.

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                Rather than start a new thread, I just wanted to chime in and indicate I am having the same issue with my build with i5-3570k using the Intel HD4000. Random restarts in D3 (no BSOD) and will restart during OCCT PSU test and usually GPU test. Everything including motherboard bios updated. However, It can run Prime 95, memtest, and Intel Burn for 24hrs stable with no errors. I tested with a different PSU and a different set of memory. I even tested voltages from the 24pin and from a molex under load.


                I hope to eventually get a dedicated gfx card, but I hope they figure this out.


                Mobo: Gigabyte Z77-D3H
                RAM: G. SKill Ripjaw  F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL

                HDD: Crucial m4 128GB

                PSU: Antec Neo Eco 520W

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                  My system had the crash again last week but this time, WITHOUT the driver for HD 4000. Now that I know it isn't a driver problem, it surely was a hardware problem. Having created a flow chart of possible causes based on my findings and my current specs, I pointed my attention to my RAM. I had it undergo several stress tests like MemTest, etc. and it checked out, but I noticed the timing was 9-9-9-28 and it is marketed to run at 9-9-9-24 @ 1.25v.


                  I went to BIOS to manually set them up at the proper timing (and proper volts just in case) and since then, I had no crashes. I replicated all the things I used to do prior to the crashes... but no crash whatsoever. I even installed the HD 4000 driver again, and no crashes.


                  Check your RAM just in case that it is the one that causes problems...

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                    Thanks for actually replying back to me on this one. I can promise you mine was not a RAM issue as I had already set the timings in BIOS. I bought a graphics card on the cheap (open box) and have not had the issues I had previously with it. For me, it was definitely an issue with the HD4000, whether it was the drivers, the actually on die component of the processor, or something along the way... I am not interested in finding out.. but I will probably RMA in within 3 years so someone interested in the problem can.

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                      how many shared memory are you all selecting in bios ?

                      some games work only with 512MB or more VRam error free. Asus and Asrock Motherboard supported 1024mb Shared memory.

                      If you have DDR3 Memory with 1.25v, use XMP profile or change the Ram Voltage to 1.30v - 1.35v.

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                        1. Did not influence the problem as system still crashed with varying degrees of setup for the IGP in BIOS.


                        2. Irrelevant. IB is rated to work with memory running at 1.5v. I will humor you though... When I was messing around with this issue last month, raising memory voltage and pll voltage to maintain a good ratio... did not solve the issue.



                        Dedicated Graphics solved the issue for me.

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                          i think you must contact Gigabyte support. This is Motherboard manyfactory problem.

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                            Hi! I just played around with stress tests like Prime95, and had my crashes occurring in the tests. So my RAM fix... well didn't quite fix it.


                            I am now leaning towards a cheap-o graphics card to hopefully solve the case. May I ask if you ran any stress tests like Prime95 without any crashes?


                            I know it may be too much, but if you hadn't used Prime95, can you maybe download it and run a test? Mine immediately crashes when I run the 2nd or 3rd option of tests.



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                              Hey man,


                              The system ran 24hrs of Prime95 no errors and I 19 passes (21 hrs) of memtest v4.2 with no errors. That was all before I tried using a dedicated gfx card.

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                                May I ask what makes you think it's a Mobo issue. From my understanding, IGP is almost completely controlled by the CPU now... either way they both have 3 year warranties so I can just RMA them both before the next upgrade if I feel the need or the issue manifests itself again.

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                                  because i understood you cant change any config in your motherboard bios by iGPU.

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                                    Oh, so wait, you did all these tests before you purchased your dedicated graphics card?


                                    Oh my, I constantly crash without a graphics card when I run Prime95 (memtest don't seem to be a problem).


                                    I wonder if getting a dedicated card will solve my problems still...

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