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    Belkin Screencast: Unable to Send Desktop


      I have been receiving the above error. The computer recognizes the device, I have entered the security code. I have connected. The screen goes blank when it connects. On the TV screen I get a connected message and to please wait. The screens go black again and it informs me that it cannot send the desktop. Sometimes it asks me to update firmware, but I cannot stay connected long enough to update.



      I have an Alienware M14X that I bought less than 6 months a. I have NVIDIA and Intel HD graphics cards, Windows 7 64-bit, Intel Wireless 1000 N... All of the components necessary I have.


      I have disabled the NVIDIA graphics card and only used Intel HD to ensure that the graphics cards are not switching. I have re-installed all of the device drivers in the order specified on the website. I have reset Screencast.I have ensured that I have all of the necessary components. I have turned my firewall/protections temporarily off. I have been restarting my computer when necessary.



      I have looked through the forums for hours to no avail. Is there anything I could be missing here? What could be interfering with the connection?

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          Hello Hannah, thank you for your post. From your description I see that you have already quite all the possible points. Something else you can test is resetting the Intel® My WiFi technology, to do this see the steps below:

          Go to Start, Control Panel, Programs, Uninstall a program

          Double-click on the Intel® PROSet Wireless Software

          This opens the “InstallShield Wizard” window

          Click on “Next” select “Modify”

          Click on the drop-down menu left to “Intel® My WiFi Technology”

          Select the last option “X this feature will not be available”

          Click on “Next”, wait for the “Install Shield Wizard” to finish and click on “Finish”

          To reinstall the feature follow the steps from 1 to 5 then 9 and 10.

          Select the last option “This feature, and all subfeatures, will be installed ….”

          Click on “Next”, wait for the “Install Shield Wizard” to finish and click on “Finish”

          Also check if you have any additional security software that could be interrupting the connection, sometimes the anti-virus program also has a firewall you may need to disable it and test.

          Something else that could be causing interference is other wireless devices, try disabling other devices or just move closer to the Screencast box, avoid tangled wires between the TV and the  Screencast box.

          If this set up used to work in the past and the above instructions did not help, then you could try restoring the computer to a data when it still worked.

          I hope this helps.

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            Thank you for the reply.


            Unfortunately nothing has worked so far. The screencast tries to update before it gets disconnected. Could this be part of the issue?




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              Shashi Jain

              @Hannah Sorry to hear of your issues. The FW update happens as part of the normal connection process- when a connection is established, the versions are checked and an upgrade offered. Given that you're seeing the FW update request, it sounds like there's an issue in the screen capture. Just to confirm, did you get the Intel graphics drivers from the Intel website or are you using the graphics driver package from Alienware?



              Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                I got the drivers off the website when I was trying to troubleshoot the issue. I re-downloaded and installed all of the drivers offered.