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    Intel HD 4000 Graphics (i7-3770K) occasional flicker


      I have an i7-3770K on an Asus P8Z77-V PRO and am using the on-board Intel HD 4000 Graphics to drive two displays.

      My displays are a Dell 3008WFP at 2560x1600 on DisplayPort, and a Dell 2407WFPHC at 1200x1920 (rotated 90 degrees to portrait) on DVI.

      Running the latest drivers ( on Windows 7 Ultimate N x64.

      32GB memory, water cooling, Intel 240GB SATA3 SSD and a 750W Corsair PSU round out the box.


      When working (writing code, web surfing, watching video) on the machine, the video will quickly cut out on one monitor or the other and then come back. The 24" Dell on DVI handles this [in a small fraction of a second] like a champ and I hardly notice. The Dell 30" looses the signal, goes blank and then takes a couple seconds to reacquire the signal before showing the desktop again... it's REALLY annoying!!


      Anyone seen something like this before, or have ideas?


      I've changed the DisplayPort & DVI cables, tried a different motherboard of the same model, tried a motherboard from a different manufacturer (Gigabyte), hooked it up to a Dell 3011WFP (which re-acquires the signal much faster than the 3008WFP btw), reset monitors to factory defaults, and installed the latest drivers. To no avail.



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          Did the issue occur with the previous drivers or only after installing the 2761 drivers?

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            It occurred with the previous version ( of the drivers on the Asus motherboard.  I believe the Gigabyte shipped with a version which was older than that, and it occurred there too.

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              Though some of the details vary, I have had a somewhat similar experience with my Lenovo ThinkPad T430s laptop running Intel HD 4000 Graphics. It is brand new, just received a few days ago.


              My setup is as follows:

              - Dell U2711 2560x1440 external display, connected via DisplayPort

              - ThinkPad T430s with  i7-3520, 16GB Ram, Samsung 830 256GB SATA3 SSD

              - Windows 7 x64 Professional

              - Intel HD 4000 Graphics (Driver

              - ThinkPad sitting in docking station


              In the few days I've had the system, I have had the Dell display go completely black. Other times, it goes black with some small (few pixels wide or tall) stripes of colored pixels (red is most noticeable) around the left and top edge of the screen. It would happen intermittently, and strangely enough only on the external Dell display over DisplayPort. In the time the Dell display goes black, the integrated display on the ThinkPad is still operational (I can move my cursor over to that screen and see it fine).


              The way I'm able to get the display back is by either:

              - disconnecting the laptop from the dock, then popping it back on

              - turning off the external display and then turning back on

              - unplugging the cable and then plugging back in


              Once, today, it the picture came back on by itself after a few seconds (more similar to the behavior you're experiencing and describing it seems).


              All drivers are up to date, and this is a brand-new machine. I was using a ThinkPad T410s with discrete NVIDIA Optimus graphics, with the entire setup (docking station, cables, Dell monitor) identical. The only thing that's changed is the new system with Intel HD 4000 Graphics.


              Edit: For what it's worth, I this has been happening a few times a day, and it almost seems to happen pretty consistently when I click on a link or do something in my browser (I'm using FireFox 13.0.1). It could be that I spend much of my day in a browser so it shouldn't be surprising; but I have noticed on more than one occasion that the moment I click the mouse the screen goes black.

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                Mark Ericksen

                I have the same motherboard that you have, and I am having problems with the Intel display driver (HD 4000) driver in Windows 7 64-bit.


                When I load the driver I get DPC's that are so high in some situations I can't use the computer for its' intended purpose, digital signal processing.  I check DPC's with DPCLAT.EXE.  The effect is easy to produce.  Run DPCLAT or some other DPC monitor, start a command prompt (CMD), point to the root directory on the C drive (c:, cd\), and enter dir /s.  This command simply displays the files on the C drive, but the DPC's go through the roof.  As soon as the command finishes the DPC's go back down to something under 100us.


                If I uninstall the Intel driver and use the standard WIndows 7 VGA driver the problem disappears.  Have you looked at the DPC's being generated in your machine?

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                  When one of my monitors flickers out, I can still see and work with programs displayed on the other monitor.

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                    Thanks for the suggestion!!


                    Checking DPC's I see a normal baseline in the vicinity of 80-125us.  Doing a "dir/a/s" test from the root of my drive, I see a 2000-3500us (oh noes!) level, with returns to the baseline every couple seconds. Decreasing the height of the CMD.EXE window to 10 lines eliminated the returns to baseline and caused a latency between 2000-3500us on each measurement throughout the test. During a test, I minimized the cmd.exe window, and DPC levels returned to baseline wile the test continued. Maximizing the window again while the test was still running returned the elevated level. Switching to the Windows 7 VGA driver also allows my system to run this test without any increase in average DPC latency.


                    This definitely points to a problem with the driver. However, while looking at this I have not seen a correlation between one of my screens flickering out and a high/spiking DPC latency being displayed by this tool. Maybe it does not point to my problem?

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                      Another thought (to see if our problems are related):


                      When your screen goes black, does your monitor indicate that the signal has been lost? Mine does not; it continues to operate as if it has a signal (does not go into sleep mode), it just displays either a completely black screen, or the screen with the flickering red pixels along the left side and colored pixels in groups along the top.


                      My guess here is that it's absolutely related to the Intel drivers, and thus a fix will only come by escalating the issue with Intel.

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                        Honestly I'm unsure, but it looks like the signal is lost completely. I say that because the 30" Dell shows the DisplayPort icon as the image returns... much like it does when returning from Power Save (display-turn-off). The flicker takes about as much time to return as Power Save does to come back if I hit the mouse immediately.

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                          Hi I have the same problem here as well. I have 30" hp LP3065 connected through displayport to duallink-dvi converter.

                          whenever i try to display pictures or video the display can crash. i have no idea what's so special about the content i have. At first i thought it happened when there where a lot of highlights in the scene but that is not consistent. Then i though the amount of HF content causes it but i don' think that it's that either.

                          It happens so often that i have now decided to go back to my old ATI graphics card.

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                            Something else I noticed here; I used the same laptop in a docking station at the office with a Dell 24" U2410 (1920x1080) along with the built-in Lenovo display (1600x900) over DisplayPort and haven't experienced the issue (yet). There is obviously a much higher resolution with the display that is experiencing the persistent issues (2560x1440), and it seems like the people having these issues are all using one or more very high-resolution screens.


                            As I've only spent a limited amount of time at the office on the 24" (1920x1080) it's hard to conclusively say that it will never happen there; though it sometimes happens every few minutes on the high-res 27" so I would think it should show up pretty quickly on the 24" if it's going to happen.


                            Like robertjal has indicated, it does seem to be a certain kind of activity happening on the screen. Clicking on links or opening windows have elicited the behavior, but it definitely corresponds to some action taking place that yields some change in the displayed picture. So far, it seems pretty consistently for me that it's browser behaviors that trigger the screen shut-off, though I do spend quite a bit of time in the browser.

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                              One more thing; when the issue happens it sometimes causes the external screen to go black, but other times it creates the red pixel stripe and color blocks at the top. Here is a photo of this behavior:



                              On a side note, I saw this same pattern come up at some point when I ran the Windows Experience Index that runs a bunch of performance tests on the system. Not sure if or how that might be relevant.

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                                Since this really appears to be a driver issue, I began escalating the issue with Intel.


                                Here's some relevant information...


                                Release notes about the latest version show that development has addressed some high-priority multiple monitor issues with this driver.


                                Release notes from previous driver version [] released on April 3, 2012:



                                Release notes from current driver version [] released on May 24, 2012:



                                The RSS feed for driver updates:



                                The Intel Driver Update Utility:


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                                  I have the same problem as you guys, but it seems that my flickering happens more often.  It's incredibly frustrating after spending so much on a 3770k that there's flickering without even doing any heavy lifting.



                                       ASUS P8Z77-V Premium motherboard

                                       HP ZR30w monitor 1 through Displayport (DVI and HDMI also have flickering)

                                       Samsung tv monitor 2 through HDMI (have also tried Hanns G 27 inch as well with DVI)

                                       Win 7 x64


                                  And nothing seems to work. Both the driver 2696 and the latest one 2761 show no change.  What makes me think this might be hardware is that this happens in the BIOS long before Windows drivers get loaded.  In BIOS it was happening more, but over time it seems to be happening far more frequently now in Windows.  It happens completely randomly no matter what I'm doing.  It just flickered to black 4 times with about .5 second pause between them.  Then 10 seconds of no flickering.  Then more flickering.  Totally random it seems.


                                  Incredibly frustrating.

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                                    I can totally relate. It happens all the time while there's no load on the system.


                                    I am beside myself too, and hope Intel gets this sorted out quickly.

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