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    Alternate hardware for MCPC


      Hi All,


      We have just received a new SCC system and are preparing to set it up. Has any one discovered alternate hardware options for the MCPC motherboard, PCIe Expansion card or the PCIe cable?


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          We had some painful experiences with "alternative" hardware, so we ended up in ordering exactly the hardware recommended by our Intel contacts:


          • Intel BOXDX58SO LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard, Core i7
          • OSS-PCIe-HIB2-x4-H PCIe x4 Host Interface Board with regular bracket
          • OneStopSystems, PCIe-CBL-x4-3m


          We can acknowledge several problems with modern Dell boards and older Siemens boards. Most of the time, the problem seems to be the PCIe slot. Our desktop computer boards (resp. their firmware)  expected to find a graphic card in the slot.

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            We have a doc called "How to Choose MCPC hardware". It lists what we recommend and what users have told us works and what does not work. We're not testing out what users tell us, but would like to record user experiences.

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              Hi Peter,


              Thanks for the answer. I did think that getting alternate hardware to work with the SCC might be a painful process in itself, but just wanted to see if someone had discovered something that worked.




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                I did look at the mentioned document. After seeing what Peter had to say, I think we are going to go ahead with the hardware recommended by Intel.




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                  I want use LGA 1155 motherboards as MCPC. Did anyone tested the Intel DP67BG or other motherboard LGA1155?

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                    We, at the University of Amsterdam, are succesfully running our SCC of a HP Proliant ML110 G6 as a MCPC. I've decided to pick that machine for reliability over a custom built PC with the recommended Intel board. It has exactly the same chipset as the recommended board, and works fine after a BIOS update as long as the PCIe card is in the slot supporting PCIe generation 2. (configured in Gen 2 mode)

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                      Michiel van Tol,

                      Thanks for the information.

                      We were having such compatibility problems, As the program progressed, we started providing MCPC for remote SCC users.

                      I am glad to hear your HP Proliant ML110 G6 is working.



                      We received a confirmation of delivery.