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    ECC memory support on the desktop


      First I must say I'm very frustrated with the new site design and the seemingly endless circles of marketing/propaganda that makes finding relevant product information a nightmare.  There further seems to be enough conflicting information in the technical specifications/documents that make it impossible to determine whether a given feature is supported on a particular combination (e.g., chipset/motherboard and processor).


      I'm sorry to begin my message this way but I'm exhausted at the moment after my inconclusive searches.  What follows is a blunt series of questions/comments:


      1) The i7-2600 processor officially does not support ECC memory per spec.  Does it "unofficially" work with ECC memory?


      2) The i3-2100 processor supposedly *does* support ECC memory (unbufferred ECC DIMMS) on C202/4 chipset motherboards.  Can I have confirmation?


      Most of the new desktop boards support 16-32GB memory.  It would seem that ECC memory is prudent in those ranges unless the machine is used for playing games and watching movies.


      I need to add another 8GB (for 16 total) to my i7-based system, but I really would prefer to switch to ECC modules with that amount, so I would *really* appreciate hearing from anyone in the know whether that's possible, "official" specifications notwithstanding.  After my failures with a working VT-d setup on an i5-2500 and i7-2600, I'm reluctant to invest in a new Xeon and C204 board.  If I could start over, that's what I'd go with, but they weren't available at the time of purchase.


      DZ68BC Desktop board technical product specifications:



      Page 11: "Support for ECC and non-ECC memory"

      Page 19: "Non-ECC DIMMs"


      Which is correct?