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    Unable to install Widi software (abnormal setup abort)


      The widi softwatre setup abort abnormally, without any error dialogs, just a generic installer message at the end that say to close the Intel Widi application and restart with a compatible platform (translated from french). I ve checked and there are no Intel Widi or Intel Corporation folder.



      It it is the same error as in this thread, but I dont get the first error messagebox:



      I have a Samsung NP300E5A-A05CA with:


      - Intel Core i3-2330M cpu

      - Intel HD Graphics 3000

      - Intel® Centrino® wireless adapter

      - Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits


      I followed exactly the steps from this link:



      1- I installed the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and drivers (Wireless_14.2.0.10_s64.exe), working good, and I was able to run the My Wifi software
      and use my laptop as a Wifi access point.


      2- I installed the Intel® HD Graphics Driver (Win7Vista_64_152250.exe) without problems. The driver version in the hardware manager is


      I rebooted at each step.


      But I still not able to run the setup of Intel® Wireless Display software update (Setup2.1.42.0), I tried other versions, same problem...


      I tried to reinstall Windows without any other software installed, same problem.


      Could you help me please with this, I m almost sure it could run since the My Wifi software works, may be a zipped folder of the Widi software will fix this if it is just an installer issue.