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    Widi app update 3.1.29 with firmware - cursor gets clipped



          I have a sony vpcsc1afm which I use for intel widi regularly. I recently updated the widi software to 3.1.29. specs are:


      vaio vpcsc1afm/s

      intel hm65 chipset, latest graphics drivers and wifi 15.1.1

      windows 7 64-bit

      netgear ptv2000


      Now, the cursor is behaving wierd. In clone as well as extend mode, the cursor gets clipped to a smaller area vertically. so I can reach the left/right ends of my tv fully. But I cannot reach the full distance top/down on my tv with the cursor.


      The remaining video image is still perfect - no problems with the actual video. ( with many different resolutions)


      The funny thing is - the cursor's vertical distance seems to be compressed into a smaller vertical area. If i move my mouse all the way up, the cursor does not show that it is reaching the top of the video or some active window. however it i click there, it seems to do whatever should be done in the topmost part of the scree. For example, if i double click, a maximised window get normalized to its original size.


      Also, there seem to be 2 cursors. If I drag a window onto the extended display, way till the top, one cursor follows movements correctly. There is a second ghost cursor below this cursor. When I finish dragging the window, the original cursor on the window bar disappears and only the ghost cursor below the actual position of the cursor is visible.


      what is the issue here?


      This was not present with widi version 3.0.13. I don't know if its because of the widi software update or the ptv2000 firmware update that came with it.