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    Intel WIDI working on Alienware m11x R3 w/ Core i3 2357M


      I purchased a Netgear PTV 1000 and Belkin Screencast and after installing various Intel Video, Wifi, and WIDI drivers, it didn't work. Intel has a bad job of offering so many variation of each of those drivers and was very confusing with no reliable information available online. My Alienware m11x R3 would connect to WIDI but get the error message stating cannot output to display. I've seen Intel Support personnel state that the Core i3 2357M is not supported even though on Intel CPU specs it CLEARLY state WIDI is supported.


      My Alienware m11x R3 has Core i3 2357M, Intel Video HD 3000, and Intel Centrino Wifi link 1000 bgn


      The combination that worked for me are:


      Intel Video Driver


      Intel Wifi Driver 15.1.1


      AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Intel WIDI version here Download Center .


      I think you can get latest drivers for Video and Wifi, BUT not WIDI. I tried to install a later version of WIDI and it said my platform is not supported. I even tried the CPU trick method but didn't work until I got this specific version of WIDI driver. Good luck and I hope this helps someone as I spent weeks of frustration.