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    DZ77BH-55K connection question for SATA 3 SSD


      My new DZ77BH-55K MoBo has two SATA 3 choices for connection my new Samsung 256GB 830 series SSD


      One 6GB/s Gray connector is designated "from a discrete storage controller"


      The other 6GB/s Blue connector is designated "from the Intel PCH"


      Which connector should I use for the new SSD to get best performance and can someone help me understand what the difference is between the two?



      Added question: I will then need to connect two older pre-SATA 3 500GB HDs and don't know which connector to use for those:


      Black 3GB/s connectors designated "from the Intel PCH"

      Gray 6GB/s connectors designated "from a discrete storage controller"


      Blue 6GB/s connectors desognatdesignatedhe Intel PCH"


      I have googled the PCH, but still do not really understand the concepts involved.


      Thanks so much for help on this issue!

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          Hi scooter - All the other owners of the DZ77BH board are commiserating about BIOS updates or lack of them. I just took a quick read of the Tech Spec for your board which you can find here http://downloadmirror.intel.com/20955/eng/dz77bh-55k_TechProdSpec02.pdf. To get started, I recommend you use the two blue sata 6Gb/s ports and the three black sata 3 Gb/s ports. The blue for your Samsung and the black for your other HDs and optical. You will find the blue port is also backward compatible for earlier sata interfaces. All these ports are via Intel's Z77 chip and will support RST (RAID) if you opt for that. The gray ports are via  a Marvel controller and I am not familiar with it. Good luck. Peter

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            Thanks so much for the very helpful answer. All is up and running just fine. EeeGads, this SSD boots in 15 seconds. Freaky fast......

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              ROMAN THIEL

              Hi, just a short feedback on that - maybe helpfull if some one has the same problem.


              Drives: 2x SSD SATA 3 - 1x HDD SATA 3 and 1x DVD SATA

              Controller Set to AHCI.


              Using all this devices on the Intel controller didn´t work! All drives are shown in the Bios, but it wasn´t possible to boot from the DVD. So I have installed Win 7 from an USB device.


              What happens with Win 7: SSDs correct, DVD was shown and detected, but doesn´t work! HDD wasn´t found at Devicemanager and administration. Driveletters in the administration looking strange. (1st SSD C: - fine, 2nd SSD F:, DVD D:)


              However here is the Solution for my config.


              SATA on AHCI Mode - clear


              Both SSDs on SATA 3 - the blue connectors

              DVD on SATA 2  (black ones) - NOT at the single one!!!!

              HDD on the grey connectors (Marvell Controller)


              Rgds Roman