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        You must have a lot of things starting up, since 43 seconds on an SSD is forever. What was it the day you installed Windows?


        BTW, you can cut somewhere between 5-10 seconds off the boot time just by disabling the Marvell SATA controller in the BIOS, assuming you're not using it of course. It's best avoided for most things, with the possible exception of an external drive.

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          My system with the BIOS #028 is working ok.

          But before have updated from the BIOS #021 the start up was 15 seconds. Now about 30 seconds.

          About your memory see the list of compatible memories, the Z68 chipset in Intel board is so critic, it works only with a few memories. Intel� Desktop Board DZ68BC — System memory

          CMTL > Search > Tested Motherboard

          I am using the exactly model sugested by Intel and the system is working very solid in 1600Mhz.

          Check about the Module part number, all numbers and letters.

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            Hello, Rseiler,


            I built the computer last weekend, I have only 2 small aplications. This is not normal.

            I am using one SSD ( system) , one optical drive and 2 hdds. I think I can turn off the Marvell Sata controller in the BIOS since I am using the other ports for SSD and HHDs and optical drives. 

            Let's see if I can decrease the start up time.

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              I had a long post written out about the questions you had on page 5 toward the end.  For whatever reason the site decided to redirect me to a different place and I didn't want to retype it all over again.  So let me know if you were able to figure out the formatting, Virtu and space requirements.


              Hey your boot times could be worse.  This is another computer I use all the time.  This is with a Corsair Accelerator Cache drive too!



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                I know Windows records boot times in event logs, but where did you get that program to display it?

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                  Hello, Major_A,


                  Thank you for your reply.

                  My boot time was 15 seconds before update the BIOS from #021 to #028. I don't know if is this reason for now the time is 30 seconds. Well... I am using an Intel 510 ssd ( the read time is so fast!) , I don't know what is happening


                  About VIRTU, I do not know what it is, I do not know what it does, I do not know how it works and I do not know how to install.  LOL 

                  I unziped the files and have installed the 64bits version but I dont know if is working, last time I execute appear a error message telling something about videocard and unable the VIRTU.  Well...

                  Major_A,  how did you decrease your time of BOOT ?

                  Thank you again

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                    It's called BootRacer.  It doesn't take into account the BIOS, only loading Windows.

                    Download BootRacer - Test your Windows boot speed

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                      Virtu is only beneficial if you can run some QuickSync apps.  Otherwise it's worthless.  I have a few apps that use QuickSync so I keep Virtu installed, otherwise I wouldn't bother with it.


                      QuickSync Overview:


                      QuickSync In Practice:

                      Tom's Hardware US


                      My boot times aren't great either.  The BIOS takes way too long, hence why I want UEFI.  Last time I checked my PC booted in 44 seconds according to BootRacer.  This is with a SATA 3 OCZ Agility 3 SSD.


                      There are some SSD tweak guides/software out there if you want to mess with it.  If you're happy though I'd say don't mess with it.  The only option I would definitely turn off would be System Restore.  Eats up hard drive space and I can't remember the last time I used System Restore.

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                        The list you show above is outdated.  I've seen later ones. The Engiineer from Corsair says their memory has XMP 1,0 built into it.  According to them Intel's Bios for the DZ68BC will recognize it.  But I need to set up the Intel Bios so it will see the XMP profile in the memory.  I know the Intel uses 1.2 XMP profile (that number may be different) but I have not been able to figure out how to configure the Bios to do that.  I have left messages on this but no one has replied.


                        If you have the XMP profile set up wrong in Bios the Mobo will continuously cycle on and off.


                        I have a lots of programs running at startup so at 43 seconds is pretty slow. But remember I need to type in my password and my desktop icons are all loaded in that time.  Some say this is slow but I'll retry it when all is well with my system.  I don't think I'll upgrade to Bios #0035  until I get more info.



                        Does anyone know where I cah get the boot time program used above

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                          I had this posted a few posts back.


                          It's called BootRacer.  It doesn't take into account the BIOS, only loading Windows.

                          Download BootRacer - Test your Windows boot speed

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                            Don't upgrade for BIOS #035, everybody had problems with this BIOS. Use the BIOS #028

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                              My first card worked fine with BIOS 28 and memory at 1600. I updated to BIOS 35. It killed the mobo. I RMAded the card to INTEL ($25 for an advance replacement and a deposit of $184). It is a good deal because you receive the new board very fast with the proper packaging for the return and a PREPAID tag and the deposit is cancelled fast.

                              The new mobo works perfectly with BIOS 28 and memory at 1600. All the drivers have beeen updated to the latest versions without a problem.

                              I have a I7 2600 K,  16 GB of memory, an INTEL 520 SSD as a system disk. It is fast and stable.


                              My only complain is about the MARVEL sh... It is just useless.

                              You cannot use a SATA 3 SSD on one of the board  INTEL SATA 3 outlets and a RAID 1 with 2 SATA 3 Hard disks on the MARVEL outlets. THe MARVEL raid is a total disaster.

                              I had to jumper the SATA 3 HD to SATA 2 and use the INTEL SATA 2  outlets of the board. It works fine.

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                                7I too have a BADAX. Stable, but poor support from INTEL fot WIN 7. I works with it without a problem though. The DZ68BC is as good IF you stay with BIOS 0028

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