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    Win. 7 Graphics Driver for Dell Inspiron B130


      I've got 2 Dell B130's 1 is working properly 1 not so good. Problem is video driver for Win. 7. About 18 to 24 months ago I loaded my B130 with Win. 7 I had a little trouble at 1st. finding a video driver. I got a good working driver from I don't know where, it's an Intel driver version  I've tried Intel's Driver utility but it just says the intel driver ver. won't work. I'm stumped on this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          There is no Win7 or even Vista driver, so you have to convince the XP driver to work.


          This is the version you mentioned:



          Once it's extracted, you'll need to right-click Setup.exe to change the compatibility to XP (otherwise it won't run) and also set it to "run as administrator" for good measure.


          As for once it's installing, I found this note:


          "When this driver is installed, at first it won't go. There will be a message to "reinstall using recommended settings". Use that option, and the graphics on the computer should work. Keep in mind that it's a Win 2K/XP driver, and does not give you Aero support, however your screen should be readable."

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            After following rseiler's instruction to a T I was able to get Win. 7 to work at screen res. higher that 1024x768.

            By the way Win. Vista Business has a driver that works at higher resolutions. Still stumped as to why 7 has none.

            Thanks again rseiler. Your help is greatly appreciated!


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              hello all,just doing some follow up reading on this model because i also wanted to upgrade to win 7 but i see a problem here,using the win 7 upgrade advisor i'm told that the chipset(Mobile intel(R) 915G/GMS,910ML Express) isn't compatible,so should i just ignor that and still go foward or just leave it as a xp machine?

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                As rseiler has mentioned, that video controller has not drivers or support for Microsoft* Windows* Vista* or Microsoft* Windows* 7, therefore there would not be driver updates available for it. You would need to use the generic drivers that come with the operating system, which provide limited functionality that may affect your system usage. In that case you would need to try and test how much impacts you and rollback or stay with Microsoft* Windows* XP.