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    Connecting My "Desktop" System to Widi, Possible?


      Hello There.


      I need some advice:


      I have an Intel Core I5 3550 (Ivy Bridge) along with a Z68 Motherboard (Gigabyte Z68X-UD3-B3)


      I wanna buy a HDTV and install it (as a 2nd monitor) VIA Intel WiDi !


      From what I saw on my processor's product page I understood it supports Intel WiDi


      I understand I have to replace the motherboard as it has the Onchip Intel HD Gtaphics driver disabled. (No Outputs for the integrated chip)



      What I dont understand are this points and please help me and confirm (or not) my assumptions :


      1.Do I have to buy a Wireless adapter although my desktop connects directly to the wireless router through an RJ45 Cable ?


      2.If I must buy a Wireless adapter does it have to be Intel's? Cause I coud'nt find any Intel's Wireless Adapter that suits Desktops !


      3. What Widi Adapter is recommended and will work the best by your experience?


      4. Is it possible in Windows 7 to have one sound (movie's) to be sent to the TV and another (Music...) to be heard through the computer's speakers

      at the same time???


      5. Is it possible to install the HDTV as a 2nd monitor?


      Thanks in Advance !