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    Bluetooth mouse won't work, but wireless will. Help?


      Ok, here's my story: I've got a Dell Inspiron laptop (from 6 years ago), and even when I first bought it, it didn't work. I know - I should have complained 6 years ago. Well, anyway, I think it has to do with the Bluetooth module, because after installing the Bluetooth software (recently reinstalled it, due to trojan/rootkit issues), it comes up with a message that says, "Either the Bluetooth module doesn't work or radio is not turned on". I went into the BIOS to confirm it (the radio) was on (which it was). As for the wireless to my router - that works. My wireless (for the Internet to my router, via modem) on my laptop is fine. It's just the (wireless) mouse that won't connect to the laptop, via Bluetooth. And this is a mouse that has a built-in receiver in the laptop. So, I don't have any mini-receiver, like most of them do these days. I believe I have the most updated drivers for it, that I know of. I had to reinstall the OS (with Linux), because I got a nasty trojan. But like I said, even when I first got it right out of the factory, it didn't appear to work. So, what's going on? Any tips? If I have to get a new part, I will. But I'm trying to fix this issue with as little pain and effort as possible.