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    New forum software

    Al Hill

      The new forum software looks great!  Seems to be a huge improvement.


      However, RECEIVE is still spelled incorrectly!<G>

      Recieve Updates (events and e-newsletters)



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          Thanks for the catch. I will submit a bug report right away. Please explore the communication feature. You will find it makes following people, threads and content a lot easier. We have quite a few other new features planned in the near future. Thanks for all your support.

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            There is a problem in Windows 8 CP, community engine do not know about IE 10 and always redirect to 'unsupported browser' page.

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              I noticed that the "All Content" feed in a given forum doesn't include Announcements. It should, as that's the most important content of all. I realize that it has its own feed, but "all" should mean "all."

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                This is one of the worst sights I've ever been on to get around in.  Intel need to do some serious work to fix this. I have only used the site for a few days but it is very poorly setup.



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                  If you mean to browse it like forums.overclockers.com.au or hardforums.com than I know what you mean. It's very hard even on the old system. IMO it needs to be arranged a bit like them...

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                    some feedback on the Private Message (PM) page.


                    The catalog of incoming and outgoing messages is restricted to a ribbon of very small width on the right of the page. The same goes for the PM editing page. I have experienced that using Firefox 12.0. This makes the PM exchange a bit difficult, so just letting you know.


                    Keep up the good work!

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                      Thanks for the feedback. There are a few bugs we're still working out.