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        unfortunately no solution till now.

        contacted EA games, they told me that NFS the run requires graphics card.

        intel boasted about its processor graphics, but when i contacted them concerning this problem, they nicely told me that intel HD graphics does not support NFS the run.

        i am still keeping hope, but i know that finally i will have to buy a graphics card.

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          you said that battlefield 3 runs fine? i get the same error you get when you run NFS, saying "failed creating D3D device..... etc" and the DXGI error

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            intel please update your drivers for first generation Intel hd graphice to support directx 10.1 so we can play new games on this 2010 integrated graphics. game like need for speed the run and battlefield 3 modern warfare 3 and many other games i think require directx 10.1 support for intel graphics.

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              SUKHOO, dude i thought you knew Intel graphics are not good for games at list not yet, maybe if you play old games like NFS Most Wanted or games developed mostly like January 2006 going back those games will work very well on that IGP, in terms of Intel's IGP performance down right pathetic is the word, very pathetic cant compare to any upper low end Discrete cards that are out there, it cant even dream of catching any high end discrete card let alone mid range card out there.

              So you want to play games get Discrete Graphics Card (Geforce or Radeon), mid range and above should be fine with you coming from an IGP.

              Don't get me wrong Intel can obliterate these other graphics cards if they want to/listened to what people want, but it seems they are not interested.

              If Intel Larrabe Discrete Graphics Card would have come out i bet i wont be here talking trash, that thing had the potential to kill Nvidia Geforce & AMD Radeon combined effort but Intel put the project on ice, damn Intel why did you do that, I still think it should have come out.

              So maybe the Haswell IGP will be something worth looking at coz Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge IGP still fall short.

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                stephenb.b.r wrote:


                in terms of Intel's IGP performance down right pathetic is the word

                It does depend what aspect people want from Intel Graphics because in terms of HD video playback such as for Blu-ray, it actually exceeds what many discrette cards are capable of. These days many games incorporate video sequences so at least those bits have the the potential to look better and play more smoothly but for anyone wanting to play the latest and most demanding games at the fastest frame rates, a discrete card is definitely the way to go..... when there's sufficient money to afford such hardware.


                Personally I'm glad that Intel hasn't gone all-out to provide super mega-powerfull integrated graphics because to do so would take time to develop and push up the prices for their hardware - something I would resent as only a 'light gamer' and user of older games / Flight sims etc. Their graphics hardware perfectly meets my needs at the current level so their marketing dept have got the balance spot on IMO.

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                  Intel's IGP down right pathetic in Games which is true. Tho very good in other regular things like watching Blu-ray HD movies and playing casual or old games, honestly we all know Intel can do better without customers suffering a big hit in price/there might not be a price hit at all.

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                    Make sure you install DirectX.  For whatever reason Windows Vista/7 doesn't come shipped with a lot of the required files.

                    Download: DirectX Redist (June 2010) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

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                      Rafael Herrero

                      Hi. I am running a PC with the following Dell xps15 L502X, Core i7 processor, 8Gb RAM, OS WIN 7 x64, 1696 Mb dedicated to graphics use.

                      I was dying to play "Need for Speed-the-run", but not worked, I was frustrated ... Then I found this incompatibility. I entered the site and updated my Nvidia driver, then the game worked and I had no more problems ... My video card is Geforce 540M, I downloaded on this page: http://www.geforce.com/drivers Try there, solve my case.

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                        Swami Anil Saraswati

                        I am facing same problem in Battlefield 3.

                        Will you please tell me how are you able to play Battlefield 3 on your system instead i have also same configuration.

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                          Anthony Chiappette

                          nVidia GeForce drivers will not help Intel integrated graphics one bit... ????

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                            nothing new till now...

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