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        Just got it put back together and will see what happens after I eat some dinner.  *Crosses fingers*






        Well it fired up and I'm in the process of trying to get my Intel 311 to cache one of my 2TB drives again.  So far I'm running into a lot of issues.  I knew I should've marked the dang SATA cables before I pull it apart.  This board came with BIOS 0021 installed.  I immediately flashed it back to 0028.  So far so good, minus the caching issue I'm having.


        *EDIT 2*

        Finally got the cache drive to work like it should.  Moved on to setting the "overclocking" up and so far it works.  Now I'm wondering if I should bother updating the BIOS that comes after 0035.  Hopefully in that BIOS they will unlock the non-Turbo multiplier and allow real overclocking and switch to a UEFI type BIOS.



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          Hello Major_A, My board have the same Date of Manufacture: 29SEP2011


          Also the Version #/AA #: G30742-401 .


          So, I supose it may comes with the BIOS 0021 installed too, Right?


          I don't know the BIOS yeat because I will build the computer next week because I am buying computer case, fans, windows 7 PRO and ssd intel 510 series.


          Well, I am not overclocker and I will use in default settings, should update for bios 0028 or I can use it with the BIOS 0021 ??


          By the way, I won't use processor 22nn, I will use the i7 2600K too.


          THank you so much

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            Upgrading to 0028 won't hurt anythig, if anything it will help.  Here's the changelogs going from 0021 to 0028.



            BIOS Version 0028 - BCZ6810H.86A.0028.2011.1107.0958
            About This Release:
            • Date: November. 07, 2011
            • ME Firmware: CPT_1.5M_Production.BIN
            • Integrated Graphics Option ROM: Build 2119 PC 14.34
            • SATA RAID Option ROM: v10.6.0.1091
            • LAN Option ROM: v1365 PXE 2.1 Build 089
            New Fixes/Features:
            • Updated VBIOS to version 2119.
            • Fixed issue where additional Turbo Voltage value in Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) did not restore to default after applying default profile.
            • Fixed issue where all settings do not revert to default in XTU and BIOS after watchdog timer is triggered and you choose Revert to System Defaults option in XTU.


            BIOS Version 0027 - BCZ6810H.86A.0027.2011.1013.1636
            About This Release:
            • Date: October. 13, 2011
            • ME Firmware: CPT_1.5M_Production.BIN
            • Integrated Graphics Option ROM: Build 2120 PC 14.34
            • SATA RAID Option ROM: v10.6.0.1091
            • LAN Option ROM: v1365 PXE 2.1 Build 089
            New Fixes/Features:
            • Implemented black background function.
            • Fixed issue where system will not boot when Fast Boot is Enabled in RAID mode.
            • Updated Intel® ME setting.
            • Fixed issue in Extreme Tuning Utility where tCL, tRCD, tRP and tRRD proposed and active value did not persist after making a change in BIOS Setup from default value (9,9,9,4) to (10,10,10,5).
            • Fixed issue where the monitor will not remain in sleep state after wake up from S3.
            • Updated Intel® ME firmware to version
            • Updated VBIOS to version 2120.
            • Fixed issue where POST failure message is shown in BIOS Setup during Auto Tune and Manual Tuning if watchdog timer is fired.
            • Fixed issue where system requires to show a key which will power off the board after three incorrect attempts with hard disk drive password installed.
            • Fixed issue where error message displays out of the box with hard disk drive password installed.
            *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
            • Fixed issue where system keeps rebooting and fails to go past the POST stage when applying XMP 1600 profile through BIOS.
            • Fixed issue where the memory ratio should be changed after selecting any memory frequency in Overclocking Assistant.
            • Fixed issue where applying default profile in Extreme Tuning Utility, core voltage value does not restore to default.
            • Added support for Microsoft* OEM Activation 3.0.
            • Fixed issue with options for Active Processor Cores.
            • Fixed issue where if there are no devices detected on a secondary SATA port, the item of "No SATA Device Detected" should display.
            • Fixed issue where the default memory timings values in Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) system Table changed to non-default values after pressing F9/F10 in BIOS.
            • Fixed issue where core voltage values do not restore to defaults after applying default profile in XTU or pressing F9/F10 in BIOS.
            • Updated memory configuration layout in setup menu.
            • Updated Portable Device Charging Mode string and help description.
            • Fixed issue where USB 3.0 will show yellow mark in Device Manager after enabling USB Optimization in BIOS.
            • Fixed issue where the default memory timing values in Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) system Table changes to non-default values after pressing F9/F10 in BIOS.
            • Added Overclocking Assistant to Performance page.
            • Fixed issue where VSA is set to 1.05V when selecting 2133 profile in Overclocking Assistant.
            • Fixed issue where memory configuration cannot be updated in both channels when setting memory speed in Overclocking Assistant.
            • Updated default value of USB Charging.
            • Fixed control range and step size mismatch between F2 BIOS and XTU for Turbo settings.
            • Moved up USB Charging BIOS setup options on the USB Configuration page.
            • Added graphic voltage in Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU).
            • Fixed control range and step size mismatch between F2 BIOS and XTU for Turbo settings.
            • Fixed issue where CPU VSA voltage needs to over-voltage to 1.05V if XMP profile over 2133 MHz.
            • Updated Memory Timings and Memory Multiplier control value and sliders in XTU to be arranged in descending order.
            • Fixed issue where the Additional Turbo Voltage control range and step size is not matched with Voltage Offset in BIOS.
            • Fixed issue where Active CMD in F2 BIOS always stays as Auto regardless of proposed value.
            • Fixed issue where the Processor Voltage Override (V) in BIOS changed from Default value to 1.0000 after applying changes in XTU.
            • Fixed issue where tRC is missing in XTU after F9 F10 when POST failure message appeared.
            • Fixed issue where Control range for Core Current Limit in XTU does not match with BIOS.
            • Fixed issue where Intel® Turbo Boost Technology and other related controls show in XTU and F2 BIOS on Core i3-2120T processor.

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              Well, I am not expert about BIOS.



              I only want my computer works stable.


              I need to update the BIOS?


              If yes, I need to update to #27 and them #28?

              Or I only need to update to #28 directly?


              Thank you

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                Hello Major_A

                                     I have been waiting for a new BIOS before overclocking the board , very interested in any experiences overclocking this board since so little info is available. Are you useing the overclocking assistant auto mode, Extreme tuning utility or changing settings in the BIOS?  If the Turbo Boost is disabled then the Maximum non turbo ratio is adjustable , so there appears to be many options to overclock the board. Do you know what changes the overclocking assistant makes in auto mode for different processor speeds?


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                  @Edde Cavalcanti

                  I think to an extent all the BIOS files minus 0035 are stable.  If you do decide to update to 0028 you don't have to run any of the previous BIOS updates first.



                  Wow!  I didn't know that the non-Turbo ratio unlocks if you turn off Turbo Boost.  Thanks.  That's what I'm really interested in.  As of now I'm manually overclocking the board from the BIOS and was adjusting the Turbo Boost ratios.  If what you said is true then I'm moving on past that.  As far as the Overclocking Assistant I ran it once and it BSOD the computer.  As far as I know when it does the overclocking for you it raises the VCore and a lot of other stuff, sometimes uneccessarily.  Maybe this guide will help steer you in the right direction.


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                    Please engineers from Intel Corporation:
                    Solve the problem with the 0035 version of the desktop board DZ68BC.
                    Many people bought their product (which is high-end), and can not be waiting so long, and lose so much money for a serious error.
                    It is illogical to expect a new hardware because we like this setup.
                    If you are working to resolve, at least let us know.
                    Thanks, James Sonora.

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                      I agree as everyone, but not optimistic by their behavior until now.


                      I don't think they are reading here.


                      You can join our DZ68BC 0035 BIOS Facebook page here:


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                        They aren't reading here, if they did is pure luck.


                        I suggest everyone send e-mail telling bought Intel for the quality and etc and we are frustrated with this serious issue... and make phone calls to they can feel what we are feeling .


                        They need to resolve or to recall and replace all the motherboards of this series.

                        And use better quality components on the next projects.


                        Let's go everyone.



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                          Well...  that didn't work for me.  Unless it works when using the Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility.  I'm an old school BIOS tweaker so I hardly ever open up the XTU software.


                          I'd like to help but I don't have Facebook.  If anything though them out right replacing my board with the BIOS 0035 issues lets them know there is a serious issue with it.  Again, the guy I chatted with at Intel said they know of the problem and are working on a solution.  So far that has yet to come to fruition.

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                            Where did you find their support email?

                            As much as I searched, I've found only chat option.

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                              I only found the chat function or telephone number for support too.  Instead of waiting on hold for probably a long time I just used the chat function.  Maybe this is what you're looking for.


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                                My bad, thought it would adjust higher but the only adjustment is to lower from default of 34. 

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                                  Unbelievable.  I see that the download for BIOS 0035 is still up and available.  Is Intel dense or just hard headed?  I'm glad I didn't wait on the "quick BIOS fix" I was promised via chat with Intel.  This entire situation has turned me off of the brand (motherboards, that is).  Keep up the good work Intel...

                                  • 59. Re: DZ68BC & BIOS 0035 Issues

                                    Thank you for all replies

                                    Please, I really need a help.

                                    I just built a new computer and it works. I have not installed the operating system, which will be pro windows 7 64 bit

                                    But I never built a PC with SSD before.

                                    So... I have two simple questions
                                    I bought an intel SSD 510 series (Marvell Controller) and want to install windows 7 PRO in it.

                                    And I am not sure about the conections. ( I know its a shame but it's my 1st PC with SSD) and my first motherboard with SATA 6.0

                                    I have the motherboard DZ68BC. What port should I connect the SSD? in the SATA port number ZERO 6.0 (dark blue?)? And the DVD reader? I plug it in Port ZERO sata 3.0? (Or in a port?)
                                    I am so confused? Thank you so much. I really do not know the correct way to do it.

                                    OR I need to conect the SSD in SATA 3.0 port ZERO and the Plextor DVD in SAta 3.0 port 1?  OR the inverse?

                                    I am very confused. when I turn on the computer appear a message the check the cable driver conection.

                                    Please, help me.

                                    Thank you in advance,


                                    PS: I have a video card. I need to desable the video onboard?