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    Install of Intel Graphics HD 2000/3000 via infs results in BSOD on Sleep


      When attempting to integrate a new Laptop to our Enterprise MDT instance, installing the Intel HD Graphics Drivers via INFs does not seem to work.  The Machine boots, but gives a BSOP when the machine goes to sleep.  If the Graphic driver is installed via setup.exe, this problem does not occure.  Does anyone at INTEL know what the Setup.exe Program is doing that the INF based install is not?  We need to identify these differences so the process can be automated to accompany the inf based install.  Calling Setup.exe is not a sustainable means of integrating drivers for the enterprise.  If this can not be corrected/resolved, I will recoment that Laptops/Desktops only be purchased with Nvidia Graphics Devices going forward.



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