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    Intel S5500HCV Dual CPU FAIL


      I've been running my server (S5500HCV) with 1 x E5504 (SLBF9) and 6 x 2GB Kingston ECC Ram for a few months now - finally decided to go out and grab another CPU.


      So I went and got another CPU exactly the same (SLBF9) and threw it in there; shared 3 x 2GB sticks from CPU1 to CPU2 so each CPU has the same type, model, size and count of RAM (3 x 2GB ea).


      Except - when I hit the power button it beeps 1-5-4-2 (Power Supply Assert). Take the CPU out - all good. Put it back in - same thing.


      Now it's a 700W power supply - and I did my research before I got it too, it performs well under load according to several reviews (FSP 700W Aurum Series). I also have the P8 power connector in for both the CPU's.


      The system has this additional hardware:

      • Mellanox Dual Port Infiniband-4X PCIe Card
      • Intel Dual Port Ethernet NIC
      • HP SAS Controller (P410)
      • Intel SAS Controller (RS2WC080)
      • 1 x 64GB SSD (OS)
      • 1 x 120GB 2.5" (OS Backup)
      • 4 x 2TB 3.5" SATA
      • 2 x 1TB 3.5" SATA


      So I unplugged all the large sata drives (6 x 3.5") and take out the RAID controllers to test if it's a real power issue - but same thing, and I refuse to accept that the extra CPU drains the equivalent of 6 x 3.5" Enterprise HDDs and both HBAs on power-up....


      Anyone have any ideas on what the real issue is?