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    WiDi choppy connection


      My WiDi setup has always been somewhat tempermental. But out of the blue it now can't send a continual video or audio stream. Both come in and out, all while saying the connection is active and giving no indication of error. I haven't changed anthing on my computer - changing the default my wifi channel doesn't help. Also, after restarting my adapter, it's now displaying in Greek. Maybe that one's not Intel's fault and isn't a big deal.


      Anyone else have these issues? How did you fix them?

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          Hi adamward, the issue you describe may be related to a lot of interference, or just older software firmware and drivers.


          For the updated software and drivers see the link below with the list and steps to install:



          For the update firmware and resetting of your push to TV adapter you might want to contact the manufacturer of that adapter. The issue with the language usually results while you try to reset it and hold the reset button too long or too short, then you change languages.

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            I solved the language issue.


            I also reset the adapter to factory settings - nothing changed. Then I updated fully and - nothing changed.


            Interference makes some sense to me although I've tried different channels without success, and inssider shows that all of the detectable networks are much lower signal than my own home network.


            However, I've also noticed that  my internet connection slows down dramatically when I'm connected to widi - maybe they're conflicting somehow? How can I diagnose that?

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              Also, runing windows 7 network troubleshooter while connected to widi brings up an unresolvaable error that DHCP is not ennabled on the widi connection. However, ipconfig shows that it is. Not sure if that's helpful?

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                Jamie Thomas

                Hi there,


                Any update on this? Problem solved?

                I am having the same problem...Any help would be appreciated.


                Thanks in advance,


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                  I also have some issues with Choppy sound and quite frequent loss o sound (aka the sound disconnects somehow but the picture is still there).


                  I have a Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro running a 3rd Gen i5, a Centrino Advanced-N 6235 and Windows 8.

                  The adapter I have brought is Netgear PTV3000.

                  My home network is running a Asus RT-AC66U router.


                  I have upgraded drivers for Wifi, GFX, WiDi and Firmware for my adapter.

                  Im hooked up to my router with preferred 5.2Ghz band and 802.11n 20Mhz channel.

                  The Router's 5Ghz is configured to run only 802.11n, Channel with 20Mhz, Control channel is set to Auto.


                  Every time I click on WiFi icon in systray and the list of available networks appears, the sound gets choppy and stuttering when connect to WiDi. And from time to time it chops for now particular reason.

                  I have also experienced that the sound is some how disconnected a few times when I have left the computer for some time connected to WiDi playing music.


                  Any ideas?