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    WiDi and Asus, old N73S and new Eee Slate B121-1A011F


      Hi I have a Asus N73S and a Netgear Push-TTV HD, and Widi works just fine with a Samsung 3D TV. It is slightly annoying is that I lose the picture on the computer when I connect to, so that only the the TV screen appears. Is a little nearsighted, so I would like to see the screen simultaneously in both places. What do I do with it? Secondly, I want to buy a Windows network board on the type of Asus Eee Slate B121-1A011F, but can not figure out Asus's technical specifications if it is ready for Widia. Do you know anything about Widi works with this web board? Looking forward to hearing from you. Sissel (my name :-))

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          In regards of the behavior of the Intel® WiDi when you deploy it, this can be fix by enabling Clone display feature in the properties of the graphics controller, detail explanation of how to achieve this is available at:


          How to enable Extended Desktop mode


          You might try extended desktop as well it allows you to use the screen of the laptop to display something different that what is been displayed through the Intel® WiDi.


          With the compatibility question, we don’t have compatibility charts or lists about third party computer manufacturers and Intel wireless cards; we strongly recommend you to verify with Asus* about this.