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    ICH10R RAID HDD and Single SDD


      I have a ICH10R ( on my Gigabyte motherboard.  Currently I have a RAID 1 of HDDs and want to add a SSD.  The BIOS is set to RAID and if I change it to AHCI I lose my RAID.  Will the SSD work and will TRIM work given that I must stay in RAID mode?

      There seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there, mostly on the definition of "RAID configuration".  The Intel FAQs say that TRIM will not work with a RAID configuration but does that mean any RAID on the controller or multiple SSDs in a RAID of their own.  Others say that it will work.  Many of the blogs are a couple of years old and may not apply anymore.  I'm confused!

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          I have exactly the same configuration and I want to ensure that you do not have to change anything in your setup. Keep your HDDs in RAID and simply plug you new SSD in another Intel SATA controller socket. Your SSD will appear as non-member disk and TRIM commands will be passed to it without any problems - they cannot be passed only to SSDs which works as a part of RAID array.