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    WiDi image on connected computer monitor fuzzy


      Have a new Dell 17' running Windows 7 pro, with WiDi, upgraded to firmware 3.??, and trying to run an Acer 23 monitor as a 2nd, extended, monitor using D-Link Mainstage or Netgear PTV 2000. Evrerything hooked up with HDMI (or HDMI to VGA cable) and getting an image as I ought to, but the image is fuzzy - barely readable for text. Have tried mirroring image, etc. but no difference. If I hook the monitor up directly using either HDMI or HDMI to VGA from laptop directly, crisp image.


      Anyone know how to get a crisp image on the monitor? Thanks.

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          Uninstalled, then reinstalled drivers from Intel site and monitor is now crisp. Having an audio issue now, namely, when widi connected, laptop audio is not available. Since connecting to monitor with no speakers, i have no sound. Sigh...widi has a long way to go. Anyone have a work around?

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            Thanks for the posting.


            First, we dont support adapters being used to convert the video feed from HDMI to VGA or vice versa. The feed into the display will need to be a straight connection with no adapters. If you use an adapter we really have no way of knowing what the performance will be like.


            In reference to your second post, you will need to select the Virtual Audio Device that Intel® WiDi software created when it was installed. If you change to that audio device under your systems control panel, you should hear audio out through a TV. In the case of being connected to a Monitor with no sound, if you were to change the audio device to the local Laptop, you should hear the sound from there.


            If you have any other questions, please ask.




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