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      • 15. Re: DZ68DB died after attempting to upgrade to latest BIOS 040

        Actually I tried local Intel support with the USB issues I had at the very beginning of my adventure (back in Jan.)

        The local supporter I had on the phone insisted on me having to use only the parts Intel had tested against.

        Memory, PSU, even the case.

        I explained that the components I use are all qualitiy comnponnets, every single one of them working elsewhere, no overclocking, all standard, different types and models. e.g. Kingston/transcend/crucial memory, Be quiet/evermax PSU...


        He continued to insist, If I can't get hold of those (US based products, not available here) he's not interested and it's my fault.

        I was basically dismissed.


        So maybe you had a better experience, but I didn't.



        Anyway , I RMA'd the board, so let me see what happens, I'll let the forum know.

        • 16. Re: DZ68DB died after attempting to upgrade to latest BIOS 040

          It's interesting that an Intel support rep would insist on using only parts tested by Intel. When I go to the Intel support page for my board, DX58SO, I can't get access to tech documents related to Intel tested power supply units or thermally advantaged tested chassis list, cases. These documents require a special login username and password. I created a login and once logged in I got a "access denied" page that indicated I needed to be part of an Intel Technology Provider program to view the content.


          I think Intel ought to make this technical information available if they are going to insist using only Intel tested components when contacting support.

          • 17. Re: DZ68DB died after attempting to upgrade to latest BIOS 040

            To finalize:


            When I tried to RMA the board, it seems I mechanically destroyed it by putting a wrong socket protection cap. Which is why the board wasn't RMA'd.


            This leaves me in the uncomforatble position, that I can't prove anything.


            Anyway I ordered and got a new board yesterday, which has AA#104 and BIOS 032 installed.

            It works as of now with some of the same issues I reported on my old board (which was AA#101)

            --> default memory voltage reported by BIOS as 1.5 but IDU says 1.58

            --> sometimes hang during boot in EB (but not quite so often, it seems, looks pretty good for 1 day worth of power cycling)

            still to test:

            is USB3 usable when BIOS has set boot optimizations


            Sure enough, when enabling fast boot, USB3 device is non-functional, and the new driver posted on the downloads section doesn't even install..


            I'm not attempting a BIOS upgrade anytime soon on this one, I'd rather disable USB3 and continue frying my memory for the next weeks.


            I hope some elses dead Mobo's will trigger a new fixed BIOS (even though it may be because of something else)

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