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    Intel WiDi Player request




      I like an idea of WiDi very much. That is why I have a good idea for how to use WiDi in other ways.


      For now WiDi creates virtual second display on laptop so we can clone or split our desktop view.

      If we need to show some content on WiDi display and at the same time to work on our laptop we need to drag that window to second display.


      That is not very comfartable because different Windows sounds are transmitting to WiDi display too, also different Windows features such as Aero Peek are also affecting the second WiDi display and windows opened on it.


      I suggest to make something like WiDi player for comfortable using of WiDi feature.


      WiDi display would only show a content from WiDi player but not the desktop and play only sound from WiDi player.


      WiDi player could work even if minimized.


      I suppose it could work in this way:

      1) Normally connect to WiDi adapter with WiDi Connection manager

      2) Start playing audio or video in WiDi player

      3) On WiDi display we see content playing from WiDI player instead of desktop (Video or some kind of visualization for music)

      4) All programs still uses default sound adapter for audio output, but WiDi player uses WiDi audio output.


      What would you say? Could this improve user experience from using WiDi? I think it could.


      Thank you.

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          Hello Eugene,


          We at Intel appreciate your feedback in this matter.


          It is always good to have feedback about our products and the impact they get in customers, I’ll make sure your comment reaches the proper department for future consideration.


          Thank you for taking the time to communicate this.