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        Same here, but my error # is 20! This is also something with the ram.

        I could fix that (just until my next restart) by taking out the CMOS battery
        for about 40 min. and pulling out BIOS recovery jumper, and my two RAM

        memory modules, and them making recovery with Intel 0035
        recovery file that was copied to a USB thumb drive.

        After that I've installed everything back, and it worked.

        I can see some are saying it will work with one RAM.

        I haven't tried this yet, but my error is #20, so I'm not

        sure we have the same issue, though we have the exact same

        symptoms- no boot, restarts, no screen.

        I choose Intel after suffering with new Asrock Z68 motherboard freezing (with SSD).

        Now I'm having much serious issues with my $250 Intel motherboard.

        I really considering to by other board, as I'm using this PC for a business,

        so I'm losing money with this 0035 BIOS crises.

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          Why hasn't Intel pulled the 0035 BIOS from the DZ68BC downloads page?  Lots of people are going to be installing this without knowing all the possible damage and problems it will cause.

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            I did the 0035 BIOS update and had a similar experience, to a point. After the F7 update the PC would not boot, an endless cycle of nothing except the indicator light flashing on the case, then reboot, but never to the point of a POST--I thought I was bricked, too. I removed the config jumper and stuck a USB drive with the BIOS image on it but never wrote it to the EPROM. I replaced the jumper and ended up hitting the "Back to BIOS" button on the rear panel--I was able to get into it (the BIOS) and finally reboot properly and load the OS (in my case Win 7U). I can't say much about overclock settings as I haven't touched anything there. In Win 7U, though, I have disabled all Intel Component Services and other startup items (via msconfig) as they were contributing to high DPC latency that was affecting audio performance. So, I'm up and running on 0035.


            If it's so bad (and, judging from the comments, a lot of users are having problems), I wonder why it hasn't been removed and replaced with a new file? Sound like a plan....

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              Thanks for all the tips, guys! I have tried all your tricks, but unfortunately to no avail. One DIMM, two DIMMs, CMOS recovery mode (after batt removed and PSU disconnected overnight), back to BIOS button, everything. No change in behavior: still halts at code "45", no video output and I never even get a chance to take control. Looks like this one's going back to Intel.


              Everything was working with the 028 BIOS, just some quirks with the Intel-side RAID controller involving Rapid Response drive acceleration I was trying to work out, which is why I tried the 035 BIOS, since it upgrades RAID firmware as well.


              Needless to say, if you are reading this and haven't installed 035 yet, do yourself a favor and wait for Intel to fix this with a new, stable BIOS. And my advice to Intel is to pull that BIOS update from the boards ASAP, or risk a flood of bricked & semi-bricked DZ68BC calls & returns!

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                There's another little present that 0035 gave me...my OCZ SSD now scores a 7.6 in Windows 7 WEI when it always had scored a 7.8 before this BIOS. YAY!!!

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                  I wonder if the problem that you saw relates at all to the flaws in this particular rev of the BIOS, or whether it aligns more with the larger problem, which is that Intel's BIOS upgrade system is extremely fragile in the first place?  There's been an epidemic of flash upgrade problems before this Ivy Bridge update came along.

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                    @Fritz - Have you tried leaving one DIMM in slot 1 only and then activating the Back-To-Bios button before starting the PC?  That's what works for me.

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                      @wasabipeas - Yes, I did try that, hopeful that it would also work on mine; however, my results were the same.


                      I just got off support chat with Intel and they are shipping me a replcement DZ68BC system board. I did point out this forum thread to the agent, and advised the agent to make the product manager for this board aware of this thread and the problems the 035 BIOS seems to be causing.


                      But for me, I will be unmounting this board and replacing it with a new one straight from Intel. I just hope they don't have V035 pre-installed! I'll stick with V028 unless and until something truly better comes along.

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                        FritzCat66, are you from the US?


                        Do you know they will replace also for worldwide customers?


                        It's not reasnable they are treating evrey customer as alone.

                        Their solution must be formal, and for all their customers.


                        I really can't understand why they are not responding here.

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                          Namrur - try using the Online Technical Chat Support feature: http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm?group=desktop#desktop.


                          I am in the USA and just chatted online with tech support and they have agreed to send me a replacement board.  They also acknowledged that they are aware of problems with BIOS 0035, although why they still have it listed on the download page is beyond me.

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                            As of the time of this writing, Intel Technical Support has no issues open regarding "BIOS Update [BCZ6810H.86A] 4/9/2012 0035 Latest BIOS" for DZ68BC


                            Please note that Intel TS does not consider this ä BIOS release issue. (at this time)


                            BTW, I do appreciate the effort Intel TS made to help me. I have learned THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN OR WILL BE DONE UNLESS TECHNICAL SUPPORT TICKETS ARE OPENED. So, if you want to eascalate, provide the necessary information (as below) and email it to




                            (I imagine that they must be able to prove there is a problem before steps can be taken to produce a solution (including removal of the 0035 update from the download site.))


                            BTW, the support representative did log in to the Community Support site and review this thread.


                            From my live chat log (second level support) (edited for brevity only):


                            >>Ok, as far as I understand we don't have any reports of known issues with the latest BIOS version on this motherboard<<


                            >>If you are looking to escalate this case, we need a detailed description of the issue, your complete system log configuration information and what troubleshooting have you performed to correct the issue you are experiencing<<


                            >>We have not experience such issue in our research systems or demo computers, reason why the issue you are having is isolated, yes many customers are having the issue but this is not a BIOS release issue<<


                            >>you can provide the information right now or send it through email: crmotherboard@mailbox.intel.com<<


                            >>If you are looking to escalate this case for research, we need to collect the following information from your system:


                            1. Complete system configuration:

                            * Desktop Board:
                            * Board Altered Assembly Number (AA#):
                            * Board Serial Number (SN#):
                            * BIOS version:
                            * Chassis Vendor (please, provide the brand and model):
                            * Power Supply [please, include the brand, model and wattage]:
                            * Processor [please, include the core speed, FSB (Front Side Bus) and cache]:
                            * Memory [please, include the brand, size, frequency and part number of the memory module(s)]:
                            * Operating System:
                            * Service Pack:

                            2. Nature of the issue:

                            3. Troubleshooting done:

                            4. SIU report:  http://www.intel.com/support/siu.htm

                            5.report from "msinfo32"<<


                            Good Luck, all! I will open my own TS case as soon as I have the time to do it.

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                              goink, whoever you were talking to must not be in the loop. Check the announcement in the top post, which is just a copy of the announcement at the top of the forum: Intel made it clear last week that they're aware of the problem and that they're working on it. Whether this solves all problems, such as blowing out motherboards from upgrading, which is something that was happening well before this BIOS came along, remains to be seen.

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                                Very strange. I've ordered my motherboard from buy.com, but Intel support sends me to

                                contact other country in my region (Italy), as I'm not living in North America.


                                May I ask why they decided to send a replacment, if they are working on a BIOS fix?


                                Are they going to send you a new or refurbished board? Mine is almost new, so

                                I don't want to get someone else motherboard.


                                You need to ship your motherboard back to them before receiving your replament?



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                                  Thanks, rseiler. Now I see that there is an "äuthoritative" comment in your original post. I guess I necglected it in my fustration and simply read that there was a problem with 0035. I installed the 0035 BIOS update with some difficulty and, unlike some, my mobo works (as far as I know). I have never altered the clock settings. and I'm certainly not going to try until a new BIOS has been made available.


                                  I see the original post is about "the  ability to overclock the system [is] not working after the BIOS update" but has nothing to do with BIOS installation errors and the possibility of bricking boards.


                                  I guess I'm a little put off by the fact that I had to discover there was a problem in a user forum *after I installed 0035, and that it hadn't been pulled as a precaution until the overclock and other issues have been dealt with. If I had known there were any *significant issues at all (there are always minor problems, it seems) I would not have botherd with the update in the first place. Now I am very wary of playing with any settings. And I'm always going to check the forums before attempting updates like this in the future.


                                  I suppose my point was that the more support calls logged and ticketed regarding this BIOS 0035 and DZ68BC combination, the more likely they are to pull it and produce a more stable and correct replacement in short order.


                                  Personally, I do think there is a BIOS update problem whether my opinion is shared with Intel TS or not. I tried the Windows/.exe update process twice -- it did not take despite returning a message that the update was completed successfully. I had no problem rebooting at that time and the version still read 0028. It was after the F7/USB method that my board was stuck in an unsuccessful startup loop (no POST) until I used the rear reset button and got into the BIOS. After that it has been booting fine (to the extent that I've tested it). Something is not correct.


                                  I am grateful to you and all the posters in this thread who helped me through the problem with your comments, experience and insight.

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                                    I'm very frustrated from Intel service now!


                                    I've just talk to Alvaro by chat, and he climes this is my fault,

                                    as I choose to do this BIOS update when not needed (?!!!).
                                    He just copy and paste the warning text from 0035 BIOS (which is already down...).

                                    Yeah, very productive!

                                    I told him I did that I'm going to upgrade to i5 3570 lvy. He told me that

                                    they test this BIOS with this CPU and it's working fine wuth no issues. If that's right,

                                    why have you removed this BIOS page completely?


                                    So what Intel expected me to do before updating ther new BIOS?

                                    To buy new i5 3570 CPU, update to the new 0035, then open the new CPU box,

                                    Install, and if it won't work, I lost my board + CPU?!

                                    They didn't wrote anywhere that after 0035 update the board will not work with i5 2500k !

                                    Now is the best part. I've ordered my motherboard from the US, as it doesn't sold in my

                                    country (Israel). So I trying to have RMA through the US, while the shipping to them and

                                    back is on my responsibility (I have a family in the US, so they can forward me

                                    a replacement board back).

                                    Now, Alvaro, and earlier this week a guy named Victor, are keep asking to contact

                                    my local support center. But Israel does not have a formal local service even on their support page.

                                    I did tried to talk my local dealer, buy they can't help me, as they are

                                    NOT SELLING THIS BOARD HERE from the first place! Even they would able to help me,

                                    it will take about two months to replace this board fr sure, as they are delivering and receiving goods by sea!

                                    Victor has went further, and asked me to contact other country in my service center area.

                                    Well, it's the most nearby country is Italy, but there isn't service through Europe by chat OR EVEN BY EMAIL like in North America.

                                    He promised me that they will speak English in the Italian Intel service center. I've tried to contact them choosing

                                    "Europe" on the chat window on Europe area working hours (??), but I keep get a message they are offline each time I try.

                                    Now Alvaro told me there isn't chat or email to contact the European branch (?!) and I need to call them.

                                    Though it's not easy for me, as my rented apartment is not open to overseas calls, I've checked their number in the Intel European local service centers list here:

                                    The number is 02 696 33276. This is a local number, not a number which can be dialed outside of Italy.

                                    So I've searched and found Italy prefix is 39. Ok, this number (39-2-69633276) has a busy phone number.

                                    So what now? There isn't any email option for Intel Europe?!



                                    I really can't understand Intel. I never had so much trouble to have warranty with any International company.

                                    I have a US invoice from BUY.COM, I've paid about $232 for this board, and now it's a brick.

                                    This is very good lesson for me about Intel. Though many of their CPUs are developed

                                    in Israel, I'm discovering their service is bad in my area. Most of you will not experience these

                                    difficulties, as you have very simple and efficient Intel service in north America, but why Intel is so rough with

                                    their customers overseas who paid in the US? Why I can't RMA to where I bought this board?

                                    BTW, the phone number Alvaro gave me, claiming it's of my local service center which I've tried to call again,

                                    turned to be disconnected. I don't know where this number should reffer me to.
                                    Even their service information is wrong...


                                    My business PC is a brick for about a week now, and there isn't any ray of light from Intel.
                                    This is my first and last Intel motherboard. It's a really horrible experience with their service for me.