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    Windows 8 Driver


      Hello Intel Support,


      We, i mean the users, would need Windows 8 drivers. Many other Manufacture/Companies like NVIDIA already deliver them as final approoved. In my opinion it is really bad business to lag behind with support, we as the user have to relay on Drivers.


      As a business case it is bad for you because if you will not deliver, users will look for other companies who do and will buy their Products. I will be one of them.


      When do you think that you are comply to the users who bought your products do finaly deliver Support, by saying this, DRIVERS??

      Especialy we need the Graphic Drivers, like the HD 3000.




      To all who have problems with Drivers for Windows 8 please list

      - Device (Graphic, Network, ....)

      - Type (HD3000/2000, .....)


      Hopfully this will be a wake up call for the Intel Support to start working and keep their honest Customers!!!!!




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          I'm not Intel Support but I'm confused by your post. Windows 8 hasn't even been released yet. What drivers do you expect to get?


          It's like asking for spare parts for next year's car you don't even own yet.

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            I am confused that you are confused.


            Windows 8 Customer Preview is out and THIS YEAR will be the final out.


            It does not matter if it is final or not, fact is it will come and thousands of users and other Software Manufactures are testing and prepare to write their Software.


            How can you test something if you have not even the right Driver??? What is this for a Bussiness Model to wait AFTER the Release???????


            I have never heard such things


            Oh i get it, first build a car and sell it and AFTER THE SALE you manufacture the wheels and the engine and interior.

            I am curious how you test drive the Car as Manufacturer!!!!


            THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS HERE!!!!!



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              It's not a "test" version at all--It's a preview. Windows 8 hasn't been released in beta yet. Don't get your shorts in a wad. Just look at it and be happy.

              The developer version has been out so that Developers can write apps and drivers. The consumer preview version is just that--A preview. At some point, a beta version will be released along with the then available drivers. Even then, don't expect all manufacturers to have drivers available right away.


              And any company that claims to have "final" version drivers must be on crack or hallucinating in dream land. Especially NVidia. They can't even keep up with the current hardware in Windows 7. But that's how they distribute software--Throw something out there for others to test and debug. You wouldn't believe all the BSODs I see from NVidia drivers.

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                Sorry, if you don't know about Hardware and who is Claas 1 in Consumer and Business Application then save my time and keep your coment for yourself.


                - First, Oct release - Developer Preview or Developer Beta

                - Second, March release - Customer Preview or Public Beta

                - Third, the name Beta is changed to Preview regarding to Microsoft and other Sources so therefore it is what you call Beta

                - Fourth, check the NVIDIA Website, there are released Drivers otherwise they would call it Beta as they do since i have my first computer.

                - Fifth, I am using NVIDIA since my first private Computer (1998) and everytime they have been overclocked and NO BOSD and everytime in the first benchmarks, way in front of INTEL. And everytime DRIVERS AVAILIBLE EVEN FOR WINDOWS BETA'S.

                - You should inform yourself before Posting and stay up to date - but sorry, i forgott, this is a Intel Forum, they lag behind anyway.


                I have NVIDIA an more than 50 Machines with GFORCE Series, Quadro and Cuda.

                All Drivers running perfect in Windows 7, Windows 7 Server and also Windows 8 Customer Preview on some Machines.

                NO BOSD at all and all are highly Business used. CAD - if you should know what this is.

                I guess it depens on the user who takes care of those Machines, as they say a Computer is only as good as the Human in front of it.


                Nvidia is only ONE Example, they are much more out who already deliver Driver, even for Printer!!


                So do yourself and me a favor and keep your clouless comments for yourself.

                And save my time because YOU DEFNETLY CAN NOT HELP and wasting my time with your unknowledged answers.

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                  Bernd, sadly the full driver is still in beta itself, but I have a feeling it'll be out sooner rather than later. Until then, we're stuck with the one that Intel supplied to MS for inclusion in Windows Update. It doesn't support OpenGL, of course, which is the main problem. Intel is definitely lagging AMD and NVIDIA on this one.

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                    Yep, sadly they laging behind big time and they don't get it. Hopfully they wake up soon and start acting otherwise it was the last time that i supported Intel in those kind of hardware.


                    If i can not trust them there will be someone else, even if it is AMD.


                    I a just curious if somebody from Intel is MAN'S enough to give a statement here.

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                      You may want to try this page.  These are not official drivers from Intel, however they do allow the OpenCL to be installed and give you all your graphics capablilites back.  these are unsigned drivers, so in the download is a certificate installer.  I have scanned these for virii, and am currently using them on my HP DV7-6163 with only one issue that is rarely seen (graphics in Firefox and games are distorted.  Going into device manager and disabling and reenabling the graphics driver fixes issue without need of rebooting)


                      Link Removed in fear that Intel may take it down because someone else did a better job


                      I would strongly suggest a google search for the following "intel hd 3000 windows 8"


                      Edit: After reviewing my post, i should clarify, these ARE Intel drivers, however they are not signed for Windows 8, the author of the post on EightForums has signed them to allow them to be installed on Windows 8

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                        I have tried all those drivers


                        You can install then, correct.

                        You can access the options, correct.




                        the "Windows Experiance Index" on a Samsung Slate 7 goes from 4.3 down to 3.0

                        Actually the graphics are worse as without the driver.

                        Of course without you only have Open GL 1.1 and your Software does nearly not work but rather i don't use that particular software for now as to loose the Graphic Experiance over all.


                        As i mentioned it will be my last investment in Intel where i have to relay on drivers.


                        As i am Tech support, you can imagine that all my customers will follow my lead.


                        Hopefully the lame Intel Development gets this message and does something about it.

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                          Have the same problem. My device is a Macbook Pro 2010,using the 1st generation core i5 540M with Intel HD Graphic + Nvidia Geforce GT330M (I use EFI to install so I can have both display card). All the drivers I can find are for 2nd gen core i3/i5/i7. Also, since my laptop have 2 display card, gt330 does not work either even though i installed the driver (error code 10 in the device manager); I think it's because i don't have driver for the intergrated one (intel hd).

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                            Thanks for your interest in Intel® products. Intel® Graphics drivers (Beta) for Windows 8 are available today as part of Windows 8 Consumer Preview OS 8250 (In-box drivers). These drivers support 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000 and first generation Intel Core processors (formerly codenamed Arrandale and Clarkdale) with Intel® HD Graphics and the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 Series (formerly codenamed Cantiga/Eaglelake).


                            We will release the Windows 8* beta drivers beginning in early May  on http://downloadcenter.intel.com supporting 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000. These drivers will support all the features of Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) v1.2


                            Drivers for legacy platforms including first generation Intel Core processors (formerly codenamed Arrandale and Clarkdale) with Intel HD Graphics and the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 Series (formerly codenamed Cantiga/Eaglelake) will support legacy Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.1 and will be included with future versions of Windows 8 Consumer Preview OS (In-box drivers) and available on Microsoft’s Windows Update. Drivers for these platforms will not be available on intel.com




                            Where to get the drivers from


                            Windows Driver   Display Model Support

                            3rd generation Intel® Core™   Processors

                            (codenamed Ivy Bridge)

                            Intel HD Graphics 4000/2500

                            • Inbox   drivers available in Windows 8 Consumer Preview OS build
                            • Microsoft’s   Windows Update
                            • Beta driver   updates available in early May at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/

                            After Ivy Bridge   launch

                            WDDM 1.2

                            2nd generation Intel® Core™   Processors

                            (codenamed Sandy Bridge)

                            Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000

                            • Inbox   drivers available in Windows 8 Consumer Preview OS build
                            • Microsoft’s   Windows Update
                            • Beta driver   updates available in early May at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/




                            WDDM 1.2

                            First generation Intel® Core™ Processors

                            (codenamed Arrandale/Clarkdale)

                            Intel® HD Graphics

                            • Inbox   drivers available with Windows 8* Consumer Preview OS build
                            • Microsoft’s   Windows Update


                            WDDM 1.1

                            Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processors


                            Intel® GMA 4500 Series

                            (codenamed Cantiga/Eaglelake)

                            • Inbox   drivers available with Windows 8* Consumer Preview OS build
                            • Microsoft’s   Windows Update


                            WDDM 1.1


                            If you are uncertain of what Intel processor/graphics you have on your system , we recommend using the Intel Driver Update Utility to identify your Intel processor/graphics.


                            Please try the in-box graphics driver that comes with Windows 8 and post your feedback on this thread http://communities.intel.com/thread/28956 and keep an eye our forum for the beta driver coming in early May.  We appreciate your feedback as we continuously strive to improve the quality of our products to better serve our users.

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                              Hello Diego_Intel,


                              Can you tell us whether the next Beta release of the Intel HD driver will support Intel WiDi?


                              Also, the WiDi page at http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wtech/iwd/sb/CS-031109.htm states "generic graphics driver cannot be used on Intel® WiDi-enabled systems with ATI* graphics." (see Install Order #2: Intel HD Graphics Driver)


                              Will this Beta be compatible with this new release, or will the OEMs be developing an ATI-compatible release for May 2012 as well?





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                                Christopher Wurm

                                I have a Fujitsu Q550 with the Z690 processor and GMA 600 chip in it, can I get some Windows 8 CP drivers. This seems to be one of the biggest problems with several tablets running Windows 8, I am sure your consumers would really appreciate your help.

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                                  Still no support for Tablets/Netbooks running the GMA 3600/3650 either, even with the Win8 Release Preview now out, which I find highly disturbing...


                                  How on earth can anyone recommend Intel x86 based Win8 tablets to business customers when this crucial testing phase seems like it's being skipped by the driver teams entirely, will we even get a working driver (that doesn't crash whenever you launch a Metro app) when the final OS is released?

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                                    Evgeniy Papulovskiy

                                    Dear Developers,


                                    Would you be so kind to recompile Intel 9XX graphic drivers? I use Dell Inspiron 1300 and it works pretty well, but I see only 1024x768 instead of 1280x800.


                                    Best wishes

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