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        (new to forum).  I am not overclocking -- all default BIOS 430 settings except I am using BIOS RAID 10 for a system drive comprised of 4 SSDs. I get the yellow bang for Renesas USB3, and cannot access any USB3 devices in 3 out of 4 reboots.  I am constantly rebooting to gain access to USB3 devices.  Note:  I got a 3rd party VIA USB3 card and have similar access difficulties, though no yellow bang.  One more thing:  Renesas USB3 Controller and Hub each show up TWICE in Device Manager.


        Update:  I replaced the VIA USB3 card with a TI-based USB3 card from SIIG and it appears to be working fine.

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          Hello.  I'm new to this thread and green; this problem impacts me too.  I recently had a custom PC made with a DX79TO.  Same problem as you folks...yellow bang.


          Like some of you, I tried to install driver  However, after trying downloads from several sites, and after installing the driver, it still says in device manager...???


          Like other folks, the problem can appear to go away when merely restarting, but after shut-down and start-up, the problem resurfaces.


          I'm running Windows XP Home SP3.  My BIOS version is 0460.  USB optimization is disabled.  I've tried it with and without XMP, and with and without overclocking.  No difference.  I also see "58" for a long time at boot.  Funny because it takes longer to boot with this new board and an i7 than with my old Pentium 4...!


          Anyhow, I have a workaround that works consistently regardless of restart or shut-down.  I'll use the workaround until Intel issues a fix.  Here is the workaround:


          Create a shortcut to run the driver exe with parameter "/s".  Put it in your startup folder.  Shazam!  No yellow bang after OS loads (but board still hangs at 58 for a while).  Yeah, it's not real techie, but it works every time for me.


          Here is what it looks like:
          Target: "C:\Documents and Settings\KRIS\My Documents\Software\RENESAS-USB3-Host-Driver-" /s
          Start In: "C:\Documents and Settings\KRIS\My Documents\Software\"


          Run it once manually and uncheck the box next to "always ask before opening this file"...it should run silently after that.  Or put it in a .bat file.  USB optimization must be disabled, or this won't work.


          I tried this with (from Intel) and the alleged  It does NOT work with  So, must be a little different even though the version # isn't incremented in device manager (the file size is a little more too).


          I'll monitor this thread for the "real" fix from Intel.  Chris, thanks for following-up on this issue for us.


          UPDATE 4/7/12

          I have a Toshiba USB 3.0 external 1GB hard drive (model PH3100U-1E3S) attached to a USB 3.0 port.  If I unplug this device, the board does not hang at 58.


          Since my original post, I updated the following driver for my board from Intel's website: Intel® PRO Network Connections LAN Driver (v17.0).


          Today, I tried enabling and disabling the "USB Boot" setting in the Boot menu, but the board still hangs at 58 regardless of the setting.


          I also tried enabling USB optimization in the Boot menu, and now it boots very fast (I also have both Visual and General optimization enabled)...and no yellow bang.  I had tried enabling/disabling "USB optimization" before (when disabled, the board hung at 58 with the external drive plugged in and I got a yellow bang after OS loaded; when enabled, the external drive wasn't recognized).


          I also tried enabling USB optimization and NOT using the workaround that I described above.  The external drive is recognized after boot...and no yellow bang.That was not happening before.


          The only change for me was installing the recent "Intel® PRO Network Connections LAN Driver (v17.0)"...but I don't know why this would have made a difference.  I confirmed my findings by restarting and rebooting.


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            I just wanted to let you know that this is still be worked and hopefully we will have something here quick.




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              That sounds good!



              BTW: did you know the realease date for the Intel DX79SR mobo?

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                I have a Intel DH67BLBl3 with the same problems with USB 3 Renesas/Nec.

                Intel had RMA for my board trade for the same board with another revision

                AA G101189-206 to AA G101189-209.Nothing Happened.

                My Usb hard drive hangs after a few minutes when connect on usb3.On Usb2 works without a problem.



                Chris, can you deserve a little bit of your time to resolve that?





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                  I originally had a AFT Pro-37U USB3.0 card reader installed which resulted in the lag during boot at code 58.  Just recently I tried a Rosewill RDCR-11003 but experienced the same result.  Both card readers used the internal USB 3.0 header.



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                    I also have a Rosewill Card Reader RDCR-11003 and get code 58 during boot.  No changes in BIOS will make this go away so I bought a Koutech Dual Channel USB 3.0 PCI Express Card (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815201043) to try out.  This card uses the same chipset as that of the Intel board.  The only difference with this card is it has a 15-pin SATA Power Connector to provide additional power.  I connect the Rosewill Card Reader to this Koutech card and I no longer see code 58 during boot.

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                      I have a test BIOS, this is NOT a production BIOS, that has a workaround, not a fix, for the USB 3.0 front panel issue.  In this BIOS, if you enable USB optimzation the system should boot and the front panel should be available at the OS level and funcation correctly.


                      Please refer to the article below for more information about Fast Boot and USB Optizmation.




                      I am looking for a few people who are interested in testing this BIOS out, please PM me if you are interested. 




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                        Is there a fix for the "USB3.0  with yellow bang" on device manager, now? I'm having problems like this on my Intel DX79SI also.

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                          I'm having the same yellow bang problem. I have the DZ68BC board with the 35 bios.  Like everyone else, if I turn off the USB Optimization in the BIOS I don't have the problem.  However, I like to turn it on so that my USB 3 hard drive station isn't accessed at bootup.


                          I'd love a fix too!  Intel, any progress?

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                            I will but if it blows my computer after updating bios will I get a new board?

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                              I believe this BIOS is about to go into production, let me double check if not I will get a copy to you. 




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                                Will this fix the yellow bang on USB 3.0 on device manager as well? When is the release date?



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                                  just an update from my side.


                                  my rme soundcard is recognized when i turn off aspm in the bios.

                                  well,it did work with the previous bios without turning it off but even rme recommend it to turn it off.


                                  with bios 494 my usb 3 question marks are gone and the board runs smoothly.


                                  just sometimes i'm getting a canceled boot.


                                  the only issue now, the computer wakes up from sleep after 20 minutes without touching anything.


                                  edit:no wake from sleep at the moment...


                                  oh,dear,live can be complicated.


                                  best regards,

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                                    after a couple of hours the computer unexpected woke up from sleep.

                                    so this issue is not solved but i ask myself why the computer even turn on when i switch on a light.

                                    seems that the psu is oversensitive but how can it be? i'm living in a new house.

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