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        As you have seen from other posts there are a lot of problems with BIOS 0035!



        I double checked and can confirm that the CPU ratio is broken! The 0035 BIOS will ignore any CPU ratio overlock configuration setting and will just use value 59 (this is also the ratio reported by HWiINFO64).


        version of my board = AA30742-401 with a i7-2600K



        The BIOS 0035 doesn't have the "visual gui" so don't bother for that. The SATA RAID ROM is indeed updated to, but it seems that CTRL-I is also broken as I am not able to enter the RAID configuration bios screen anymore (another new introduced problem?)


        I already install the Windows driver RST on BIOS 0028 and the online helps of RTS states that SSDs in RAID 0 now has trim functionality. As I have only 1 SSD I am unable to confirm that feature. If you just want the trim functionality then just updating the windows RST driver to will do that.

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          This  thread title should be changed to: DZ68BC BIOS 0035: DON'T DO IT !!!!!

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            the bug:


            the step from the I7 1st generation to sandy bridge, especially the unlocked series offered a jawdropping gain of performance.

            The turbo boost feature and overclock capabillity was awesome.  Now there is the 3rd generation coming up and  compared to the

            previous cpu's you would hardly recognize any boost of performance in any software you are using in every days life. Exept you're spending your time

            with benchmarks. For instance, I bought the machine for professional design and video software, which I am using as tools to

            do my job. Now, I am facing a drop of aproximately 1 GHz in performance which is significant as it means "time".

            I hope it is really a bug that will be fixed really soon, otherwise this is worth a press release.

            I really wonder why Intel isn't reacting and is still providing the "update" on the download sites instead of taking it out until a

            version is available, that has been properly fixed. Especially in the light that once installed, it cannot be undone!

            Besides, according to more and more reactions within the community, this isn't an issue on a single device but, "all" ivy-bridge-ready

            motherboards. So, what to make out of it ?

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              What I've heard and read about Ivy Bridge so far doesn't sound so good.  They are suppose to run hotter and not overclock as well as Sandy Bridge.  I think my 2600K (that I got from Micro Center last week for only $199!) is going to serve me well for a long time.

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                Yes, that's it, isn't it ? the 2700k was a joke. I can hardly believe that it was good seller

                with only 100 MHz + for about 50 to 70 bucks more compared to the 2600k.

                I wouldn't consider to buy a new processor either exept it would work significantly faster

                and speed up my daily work.


                But seriously, if there is no fix for this, the one who offers a modified bios 0035 or a fix to unlock

                the possibility to downgrade will gain quite some money from people like us, willing to pay 5 or 10 bucks for a propper fix



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                  Thanks to all who are warning about the BIOS 035 and especially to the thread starter.  Was thinking of doing the 035 update today, now I will avoid it like the plague!  What a shame to have a great running system and mess it up with a BIOS update.

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                    So i have noticed that even with the wrong turbo value at 5.9GHz my computer still starts up and i have left the memory at 1600MHz XMP it still works, but i dont want to take chances so i desabled only the cpu turbo boost in the bios coz i dont want it briking anything Motherboard, Processor or RAM. so i will play it safe with no turbo boost for now.


                    Intel should fix this ASAP like now they should upload a fixed bios, which fixes all the problems they have caused and the pre existing problems like the PSU Problem/Power Issue/No Post With Particuler PSU,


                    INTEL FIX IT NOW ALL THE PROBLEMS, and for puting as through this INTEL should give as Ivy Bridge Equivalents of our Processors as compensetion hec they should throw in 7Sereie Extreme Mobo with thunder bolt just to word as off

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                      And the fixed bios better be UEFI like the DZ77GA-70K




                      We want this, or at list i want it in the next DZ68BC bios update, plus all the fixes to the problems we have with current 0035 DZ68BC Bios

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                        That would be amazing if they would give us that.  I highly doubt it but I would just be happy if they could fix the broken 0035 update.  Hurry up Intel!

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                          Situation update:


                          Now my computer is giving blue screens even Turbo Boost disabled. I am so upset because of this crappy BIOS. I have tried to reset defaults and no help.


                          I would appreciate any Intel staff to comment on this issue and forward the information to your BIOS programmers.

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                            same problem here!


                            - Bios shows 5,9GHz turbo mode

                            - my 32 GB RAM runs poor! XMP wont work right (DDR3-1333 instead DDR3-1600), when i change the subtimings manually the bios wont save it really after reboot:


                            Its this Kit:

                            G.Skill RipJaws-X DIMM Kit 32GB PC3-12800U CL9-9-9-24 (DDR3-1600) (F3-1600C9Q-32GXM)


                            Before the Bios this memory works very good!

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                              This showed up today. Was this really the only issue though?



                              Intel has identified an issue with the following BIOS versions, where the  ability to overclock the system is not working after the BIOS update.


                              BIOS ID

                              BIOS version




                              DP67BA, DP67DE








                              Intel regrets any inconvenience caused by this issue and is working to provide corrected BIOS versions as soon as possible.

                              by lhill at Apr 20, 2012 7:44 AM

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                                All of the problems I have seem related to overclocking such as not being able to run my RAM at 1600MHz (this is considered an OC for Sandy Bridge), I can only run them at 1333 right now.  Also Turbo Boost is messed up (Turbo Boost could be considered an overclocking feature maybe?) and, of course, I cannot overclock my 2600K at all with 0035 BIOS.

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                                  Man oh man I wish I read this forum first. I have been building this PC using the DZ68BC and an i7-2600K, using three 500G Hitachi drives in a RAID5 configuration off the Intel SATA 3G controller, with plans to use a Corsair 60G SSD on the Intel 6G SATA as a Rapid Response accelerated drive. Temporarily used another SATA drive as a single drive to install Win7 and build the RAID from there, then reinstalled Win7 directly on the RAID. No real problems.


                                  After installation - and installing all the latest drivers from the Intel site - I was hoping to setup acceleration on the array I used for Win7 (I created two whole arrays, not just partitions, because I only wanted to accelerate the Win7 system partition, but I noticed from a prior attempt that I could only select an entire array for acceleration - thus the two arrays). However, the Windows-based Intel Rapid Response utility would recognize the SSD was present, but refused to give me any option to accelerate a volume.


                                  In addition, I noticed I could no longer do a CTRL-I during boot to pull up the RAID controller firmware. During what should have been the RAID controller displaying its list of drives during boot, there was nothing but a blinking cursor. It would continue to boot all the way into Win7 anyway, but something didn't seem right. The Marvell controller was displaying its routines, but not the Intel side (not helpful since I only have my two optical drives in the Marvell SATA ports).


                                  So, I happened to notice the new 035 BIOS (I was on 028) and that it updated the RAID firmware, so I thought that might help. I downloaded the BIO file and installed it using the F7 technique. The process seemed to go smoothly. It said it completed and time to reboot.


                                  Now the motherboard seems to be bricked. I get no display, no matter what vidport I plug into. The system powers up, but just sits there after a couple seconds with the mobo error display at "45", which according to the documentation seems to be stuck doing CPU identification. It remains there for a second or two and then self-reboots. If I engage the "Back to BIOS" switch on the back, the behavior is the same except it doesn't self-reboot. Either way, I have no control and cannot access anything ever since I installed the 035 BIOS.


                                  Other info: Nothing was overclocked yet. I noticed in the release note that this BIOS did not support  overclocking, but that didn't bother me much. I planned to overclock,  but not yet, just sometime down the road. Also it should be noted I have  nothing plugged into any expansion slot as of yet - plans are to use a 560Ti GPU,  but for now during the building phase I'm just using the onboard HD3000.


                                  Any ideas at all? Or is this a "return to Intel" situation?


                                    -- Fritz in Florida

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                                    Hey Fritz - I had the same problem after "upgrading" to 0035.  It's a RAM problem and it won't boot with 2 sticks if they are set to run at 1600MHz.  Take out one stick and you should be able to boot and get past that 45 error code.  Intel really dropped the ball with this complete disaster of a BIOS...what the heck were they thinking...did they even test it before release??