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    Intel SSD 520 and any Apple Macs with Nvidia MCP79 chipset BUG.


      Hi Intel.


      There are many Mac computers with Nvidia MCP79 chipset (Nvidia MCP79 is present in many models of iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air).


      Nvidia MCP79 have SATA II controller.


      There is well known bug with SSD based on SandForce SF-2281 and any Mac with Nvidia MCP79. SSD negotiated Link Speed is     1.5 Gigabit (SATA I). But it must be 3 Gigabit (SATA II).


      OCZ already have fix for this issue (for their SSD):



      Corsair works on this issue (they have SSD based on SF-2281).


      Patriot Memory works on this issue (they have SSD based on SF-2281).


      Intel 520 SSD have same issue.


      Intel will you fix this? Talk to Apple or release fix by yourself, but you must do something, because Intel 520 SSD with 150 MB/s read/write speed on Mac (with Nvidia MCP79) is indecent.

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