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    DZ68BC BIOS 0035 update: you first


      UPDATE: I think the comments have made it clear. Don't install this version.


      UPDATE 2:  Intel  has identified an issue with the following BIOS versions, where the  ability to overclock the system is not working after the BIOS update.


      BIOS ID

      BIOS version




      DP67BA, DP67DE








      Intel regrets any inconvenience caused by this issue and is working to provide corrected BIOS versions as soon as possible.

      by lhill at Apr 20, 2012 7:44 AM



      ===Original message===


      Even though there are a couple things in the rev list I want (though not this inexplicable "fix": "Fixed issue where  monitor will not remain in sleep state after wake from S3."), I'm probably not going to do it. Now there's not just the ever-increasing possibility of killing it, but if you're lucky you might only mame it. These two threads from the past week for the very similar DZ68DB should be sufficient warning, but it's not hard to find more:




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          UPDATE: there is a huge problem with version 0035 and the CPU turbo ratio configuration: please see other posts in this thread!


          Just installed DZ68BC bios update 0035 with F7.


          Little bit unclear that readme states that Intel ME firmware is now at and at the same time. BIOS screen shows only

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            Intel states once this BIOS 035 is installed there is no going back to an earlier version since it makes structural changes to the board to support future 22nm processors.

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              BIOS 0035 has been a DISASTER for me.  I used the F7 method too and it  said everything was successful yet the PC wouldn't reboot and kept  flashing a 45 post error.  Ok so that meant a memory problem.  I have 2  sticks of 4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz and they have never given me a  problem and I always ran them at 9-9-9-24 @1600MHz using the  XMP-1600 profile.  Well now I cannot get beyond the 45 post error unless  my RAM is at 1333.  Enabling the XMP-1600 profile results in the PC not  posting.  It's maddening.   Also the BIOS will not save any overclocking  settings, at least not when I use the "Automatic" overclocking option.  My "Active" settings show that I am running my 2600K at 5.9GHz even  though it's set at 4.1GHz!  Even though I set it to 4.1GHz, and the BIOS says it's running at 5.9GHz, the CPU is running at the default of 3.4GHz according to CPU-Z.   Look at this screen pic:


              BIOS 0035.JPG

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                Same issue here!


                I noticed that "turbo boost power" -settings do remain at 60W !  (screenshot) at most, whatever settings within the bios are applied.

                This naturally disables the "power boost" because it remains below the standard of 95W.

                Attempts to alter these parameters fail as they seem to be locked.

                my guess is that this is causing the problem.


                any other ideas ?






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                  0035 was complete disaster for me also. It broke down whole Turbo Boost. I have i7 2600 non K. It become unstable after the update! How such model becomes unstable!? I went to BIOS and noticed that multiplier settings for Turbo Boost were strangely changed upto 46! That shouldnt even be possible with this cpu...


                  Wattage settings were also jammed.



                  I had to disable whole Turbo Boost that I can use my computer. I am really disappointed.



                  And if someone asks why I updated the BIOS: I am using PWM and fans and looked forward to fix the "Front Fan issue".

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                    It may has to do with the new CPU-Table which is introduced with this bios-version. I think it is

                    most propable that a sandy bridge class cpu is not recognized correctly.


                    I hope that Intel is going to release a bugfix soon as it isn't possible to step back to 0028 !

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                      Now we're stuck with this faulty BIOS and have no way of reverting back..  This is totally unacceptable Intel!


                      I am going to take out my CMOS battery for an hour and see if that fixes anything...  Or do you guys think that may be a waste of time?

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                        It wont change anything as you cannot go back to any previous bios. Only option is to wait for a fixed version !

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                          Don't they test a new BIOS before releasing it?  Is there someone from Intel that can respond to us to let us know what's going on please??

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                            I opened a support ticket with them last week for the exact same issue brought on by release 0040 for the DZ68DB. Still no new information.

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                              I've just spent some time in a live chat with a technical guy from intel

                              and unfortunately retrieved no useful info at all. I wonder if it is

                              a real bug or if it is actually a "feature", just to outline the

                              ivy bridge's better performance which would not make much of a difference

                              if the sandy bridge isn't jammed .....



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                                Yeah it's probably Intel's way of telling us to go out and by a Z77 board instead

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                                  i should have checked online first coz now Bios 0035 has done the same thing to my i5 2500K what the hell is wrong with Intel, what's going on,....



                                  Now iv got my Turbo Boost on ovaride too its at 5.9GHz what the hell i haven't overcloced the CPU yet the onlything i had changed was memory to XPM 1600MHz i have Corsair Vengeance 8GB Kit 2x4GB 1600MHz 1.5v


                                  I have only had this board for 3 full days now i bought it on April 5th reached here around 12 april this is plus the i5 2500K i put it together 3 Days ago havent used it much any way, and now thisssss.... whats up Intel


                                  if any one asks why i updated bios i had the Power issue and i thot it would be fixed with this Bios Update. and the Power Problem is still there after updating to bios 0035 i used the F7 method to update, can i atlist go back coz now i am afraid to switch on the Computer to the windows i dont want it to boot past the bios even tho it can


                                  i found work around the power issue with some PSU like mine, is just to ON / OFF the power on the back of the PSU once or twice then try switching it on and it works for me, thets why i needed a bios update to fix this stupid PSU issue

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                                    or to step over to ivy bridge.


                                    Given this is really the case.. very effective policy, indeed!

                                    I am going to sell a porsche tomorrow and 2 weeks later I

                                    provide an upgrade to limit the speed at 45%, telling the customer

                                    to buy a better engine!



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