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    DQ57TM -- 3 questions


      I want to transplant an i5 750 processor (Lynnfeild), 2 hard drives and DDR3-1333 memory sticks from a defective Dell motherboard to a brand new Intel DQ57TM board. The board is compatible with those components, according to the Intel support site.  I am running Windows 7 now and would like to continue to do so.


      (1) do I have to do a new Windows installation for the new build, or will my existing installation work if I place my boot drive in the new system at the 0 position?


      (2)  how can I determine whether the graphics card from the old system will work with the DQ57TM?


      (3) if I don't do a fresh windows install, will the chipset drivers intall properly?

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          You may be able to do it. Check the Intel support downloads to see what drivers you'll need to install in the new system. Then, before you move the hardware. remove the drivers from the old system that will be replaced by the Intel drivers.


          Backup all your data just in case. Worst case is that you will have to reload the os. If the system boots with the system drive installed on the populated new mobo, then install your Intel drivers and check to see if everything works.


          Check the system requirements for your graphics card. If the expansion slot on the new board is compatible with the graphic card then it should work.



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              It worked.  Here's what I did:


              Transplanted processor, memory and hard drives into new case with new power supply and new intel motherboard.

              Sucessfully booted into windows.

              Installed chipset and graphics drivers.


              Then I got a message saying, "Your copy of windows might be conterfeit."


              So, I called Microsoft.

              Asked for a supervisor.

              He asked for the COA from the sticker on the case of my old, now gutted, system.

              He activated my OEM windows for the new Mobo.


              So far, so good.