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    DZ68DB BIOS update 0040 breaks performance options for i5-2500k


      Hi Support Community,


      Applied the updated BIOS (0040) from http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=21171 today to my DZ68DB and discovered that some processor performance options no longer appear to have any affect on my i5-2500k.


      For example, Turbo Boost ignores any changes made to the tiered (actives cores) profile. It will always follow the default Turbo Boost profile <active cores-GHz>{4-34, 3-35, 2-36, 1-37} whether the tiered profile is set to disabled or if the individual tiers are adjusted. Disabling C-states also appears to have no effect as well as toggling the processor power profile from "Low Power" to "High Performance".


      Has anyone else noticed this change?




      Edit: I took some pictures showing the effected settings.


      Default Active Core-Based Ratio Limits:


      2012-04-12 09.43.35.jpg


      Settings changed to disable the core-based ratios and a flat limit of 44:


      2012-04-12 09.43.58.jpg


      Notice that this change is not reflected in the Proposed section of the Performance tab. If you go back and enable the core-based ratio and set them all to 44 it will at least preview this change in the Proposed section.


      2012-04-12 09.45.11.jpg


      After the reboot I can verify the new setting took:


      2012-04-12 09.47.39.jpg


      Notice that even with the limit raised to 44 the cores will never get about 3.7 GHz:


      Open Hardware Monitor Core-Soak.png

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