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      • 30. Wanna join the project....

        Due to the fact that there are at least 25 different types and variants of the Intel 'Anti- Aero' schemes, It would be nice if there was more than four people working on it at the same time. So, my point to you is if you are unsatisfied with the driver, then HELP US COMPILE, WRITE, AND DISTRUBUTE THE DRIVERS. I will email anyone the source code if you want to participate.

        • 31. Re: Wanna join the project....

          HI,the driver won't install on my inspiron 1300 , w7 ultimate, centrino1.6 ,2gb ram ,not meeting minimum requirements...do you have  other versions that will install?

          plus the site , put some ads and manage the forum i'm shure we will be on it discusing,testing etc thanks

          ps this driver is a really big deal to  a lot off people

          • 32. Re: Wanna join the project....

            Hi all !


            For me it is the same, and you can not install these drivers: (. Writes "not meeting the minimum requirements" My laptop is Acer TravelMate 2420. Look forward to improved versions and hopefully good.
            • 34. where to download ?

              could you post a download link for the driver only, maybe working or something

              the bdd driver where to download ? or where to find it inside w8 setup?

              is there a version that installs on mobile  915GM/GMS,910GML, i have driver latest and this modded driver wont work

              • 35. Re: Intel 910/ 915 Video
                I installed Windows 8 Developer Preview and Aero works! unfortunately I can not install the drivers. Hardware acceleration is not working and to cut the movies. System drivers are a "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter"
                Screen on my laptop:
                • 36. Re: Intel 910/ 915 Video

                  is that windows 8?i don't want windows 8 i want windows 7 with aero how to do that ? , can you upload the drivers somewhere?find the on your computer at driver details .. 10x

                  • 37. Intel Reiteration

                    The BDD only comes with Windows 8 because it was modded as an extra into the OS. The WDDM 1.2 in Windows 8 only supports the WDDM 1.2 driver and nothing else. You can't install the native XPDDM onto Windows 8 because it was removed.


                    Also botelucian, please post the specifications of your laptop to the forum or email them to me so that I can make a laptop/ destktop specific driver. The moddded driver only works on a Dell B130 with 2.1GHZ and 2GB of ram. Please remember that these drivers don't have full support behind them other than our dev. team. Intel doesn't accept their existence and Microsoft doesn't want to sign them.

                    • 38. Re: Intel Reiteration

                      thats what i have a dell b130/insprion 1300 same thing    pentium 4 1.6 ghz overlocked with pinmod to 2.1 with 2 gb ram ,ps no offence but screw intel they are not helping in any way

                      so my full specs  intel pentium m725 buss speed 133 mhz, rated buss speed 532 mhz  core speed 2128 mhz (oc from 1600 mhz), 2 gb ram

                      video Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family -Driver version ,motherboard dell 0GD366 Southbridge Model    82801FBM (ICH6-M)  Chipset Model    i915GMS/i910GML

                      can i manualy force the drivers ? unpack it from the exe , an go via device manager update driver , ....let me pick a list of device drivers from my computer ? forcing the driver on ?

                      nope not working tried a few from the list 945 , 965, amd 82945 not working on my lapie witch one should i pic ? can you make a driver and delete the ones that dont work,or underline the right one

                      • 39. Re: Intel Reiteration

                        First, thank you for the great work on providing the GMA driver!


                        I also have an issue with the minimum specs. My company notebooks are the ultraportable Toshiba Portege/Dynabook R200, which have the ultra low voltage 1.2GHz  Pentium M CPU and only 1.2GB RAM and there is no way to upgrade beyond  that. We have upgraded the pathetic 1.8" HDD to an SSD. The machine is powerful enough to run anything besides modern games and I have been  using it with Win7 for almost a year. Here is the detailed spec: http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/product/pdf_files/detailed_specs/portege_R205-S209.pdf


                        Is there a way to bypass the hardware check of the installer? I am sure the machine is powerful enough, but most ultra low voltage CPUs are not clocked at 1.7GHz... And so much RAM is only required for cache which is not very important with the SSD we have...


                        Please post some instructions on how to bypass the hardware check and install the driver.


                        Thank you so much!

                        • 40. ...

                          First off, your minimum specs should be adiqute for the Windows 8 BBD driver. I am guessing that you are using the Driver that I provided and not Windows 8. If you are using my driver, then there is little hope that it would run because of your specs. Of course, if it did run, it would slow down your PC to the piont were any apps that you are running would be 10x slower. That is the difference in speed becuase the driver is STAI and not WDDM or BBD. STAI drivers don't have any 'fake video' ram. This means that the processes have to be worked through only the Intel 915 '128MB' GPU, instead of the aid from the CPU. WDDM are hardware based without any other help and can perform these processes natively. Windows BBD drivers are software based 'liar' drivers which fake the entire system's ram and capacity to 64MB and get instructions from the CPU. Everything about Aero and BBD is virtual. Then again Windows is.


                          If you really want to run aero- you WILL regret it. Have a drive partioned or a spare drive and install the driver. The only way to bypass it is to change the registry settings, but it might screw up some of your apps. This is only a project, so its hard to tell what might happen.


                          Good luck.

                          • 41. Re: Kuyatsushiro


                            I have the situation as Makarones with win8 cunsumer preview.So is there any way that i can install the driver?

                            • 42. Re: ...

                              kuyatsushiro6 -


                              I just finished loading up a full release copy of Windows 8 on my Asus Eee 1000HD, only to find the 915GM isn't supported by anyone (except you).  The most recent link to your driver appears to be dead.  I'd love to get my hands on a copy to test with the release version of Windows 8!



                              • 43. Re: Intel 910/ 915 Video


                                Again another person that looking for a 915GM driver for Windows 8! I am using VAIO-VGNFS315B, Windows is running just fine except graphic card.. I am using Basic Display and Windows seems fine and working flawless, except video playback (I assume that the lack of drivers are responsible)..

                                Can I get a copy for the drivers to try too? Make something about us pls, we are so many people looking for that..

                                If anyone succeed to install 915GM drivers on Windows 8, pls send me an email (johnickz@gmail.com).

                                Thank you!!

                                • 44. Re: ...
                                  Harry Hersbach

                                  Same here i have a Eee PC 1000HD and Windows 8 is working fine, except the Video Driver, is not working.

                                  I am suprised Windows 8 is working so well on this 900 Mhz Netbook...