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    IBM U320 HD compatibilty with Adaptec AIC-7896 Dual Ultra2 in ISP2150


      The SCSI card is an Adaptec* AIC*-7896 Dual Channel- one Ultra2 (LVD) (up to 80 MB/s) in an Intel ISP2150 server.


      The hard drive is an IBM 36.40 GB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - 90P1380 Ultra320 SCSI - 15000rpm - 8 MB Buffer - Hot Swappable


      When I opened the box, there was this warning:


      This  Ultra320 hard Disk has been assembled with a new carrier that has been  designed to help optimize the higher transfer rates of the Ultra320  eServer xSeries Systems.


      If you are installing this U320 Hard Drive Option in a xSeries x345 or x235, you must first update the system BIOS before installing the drive option. If there is a ServeRaid 5i controller installed, you must also update the controller firmware and BIOS associated device drivers BEFORE installing the drive option.


      This new carrier is NOT backward compatible on the Ultra160 or earlier systems. Attempting to install this driver/carrier combination in one of these systems could cause damage to the system and/or hard disk and may void the warranty.


      My question is: Does this warning apply ONLY to IBM servers, or to all non-Ultra3 adapterprovisioned servers? Especially the ISP2150.


      I need to know before I plug in the hard drive and cause damage to the drive and/or the system.


      Else, I'll have to get a different hard drive.


      Thanks in advance...