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        Hi Mark,


        I tried the 17.0 version of the driver, but I'm still seeing the same packet drops as before. The actual driver version for e1c62x64.sys is Do I have the right version?


        Have any other issues been reported? Is anyone else still having problems with this?




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          Hi Andy,

          Thank you for trying the latest driver and providing feedback. Yes, driver version dated 03/15/2012 is the latest driver.


          I am sorry to hear that the updated driver did not help you. The information I have is that the latest driver will help many instances of packet drops. So anyone else who is experiencing the drops should still try the updated driver. I don't have any other ideas on what to try, but if I come up with anything, I will be sure to post the latest information.


          Mark H

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            I found this thread after scouring the Internet for similar issues to mine. I have Altiris Deployment Solution and I am deploying images to my many Dell Optiplex 990's. They have the 82579LM NIC.


            The problem we are having is that multicast is extremely slow. The more clients that are added to the multicast, the slower it gets. We have eliminated all the other possibilities such as network hardware and design. Multicast runs fine with other model computers with different NICs. Unicast deployments are lightning fast.


            The environment is a PXE boot to WinPE 2.1 (Vista) using the Vista drivers. The latest version of driver that you mention above (v.17) did significantly improve the speed, but we are still bogged down heavily when compared to the unicast session (unicast: 7 minutes, multicast: 130 minutes).


            Anyway, I don't expect to get any suggestions on how to fix it here. Honestly, it seems that there is just a problem with the programming of the drivers, and that is why I am posting. I thought maybe by bringing this to your attention, maybe Intel will take a closer look at the mulicast capabilities of this NIC and its drivers.






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              Matt Thomas



              I want to reiterate what Andrew said.  I too have loaded the latest driver but am seeing UDP packets being discarded.  I have a Panasonic H2 Toughbook communicating with a SiLabs CP2201 embeded ethernet chip.  I have no problems with packets being dropped if I am connected to other laptops or if I connect through a router, or a Ethernet to USB device.


              Using the windows 7 netstat -e -u -p udp I can see that the packets are tagged with errors by the Intel 82579LM card and are thus not passed to the upper layers.  The Ethernet sniffer, EtherShark, between the devices reports the packets as valid, but for whatever reason the 82579LM is discarding them.


              Please continue the investigation on this so these issues can be resolved.





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                Hi Mark,


                Have their been any developments on this? This is a rather big issue for me personally as I am unable to access any iSCSI target if Jumbo Frames is enabled on the NIC.



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                  The developers are aware of the dropped packets issue and are working on it. Unfortunately, I do not know of a solution. I will do my best to get the word out when an update is available.


                  Mark H

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                    I couldn't find a way to create a new post, but this issue seems close enough.  I recently got a HP 8560W laptop running Win7 64bit enterprise, with the Intel 82579 Gigabit adapter in it.  The symptom was audio noise, but updating all the BIOS/Firmware and drivers from HP and Intel did nothing to resolve the issue.  Found a couple threads on the web that pointed to the NIC and used the DPC latency checker to confirm the issue was the 82579.  The resolution was ultimately to use old drivers posted here:




                    For more details you can see the post that outlines the fix here:

                    DPC latency + audio/mouse skip and stutter on t420... - Lenovo Community


                    I spent many hours attempting to fix the static and skipping audio issue that I'm hoping Intel will fix the latest drivers (based on a diff of the new and old drivers).  The driver version that works (and is only available from HP) is version (17 Jun 2011).  Considering this issue is several years old, please get the word out and light a fire under the NIC driver team!  I can once again experience the full value of my Intel system!

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                      Maria Abay


                      We found same issue with dropping multicast packets on Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection on a Dell Lattitude E6520 laptop. What we've observed in a network capture is that the dropped packet is just right next to an IGMP Join. We also found this issue on another PC and with BCM5764M driver. We found the programmers guide of that driver and at http://www.broadcom.com/collateral/pg/5764M-PG100-R.pdf, page 64 - and the first thing the code does is clear the hash table before rebuilding it. We suspect that the mutlicast packet is dropped at the time the hash table is being rebuilt. On the PC with BCM5764M driver, when we turn on Wireshark, we don't experience any dropped packets. We suspect that it's due to Wireshark putting the driver in promiscuous mode thus bypassing any multicast filtering. On the PC with the Intel 82579LM, we still experience the packet loss even with Wireshark running. Not sure if 82579LM driver supports putting itself in promiscuous mode.

                      Do you think that Intel 82579LM driver has the same hash table clearing issue at IGMP Joins and/or Leave?


                      Thank you!


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                        I do not know the answer about clearing the hash table. However, I can tell you how to put the Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection into promiscuous mode. See http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/cs-005897.htm. This device uses the e1c drivers, so MonitorMode is the registry key that applies. If you make any registry changes for the adapter, make sure you restart the adapter so the driver will read that registry key.



                        Thanks for posting. I will pass on the information.


                        By the way, I still do not have an update on a newer driver to address the packet drop issues. I will post something when I know something.


                        Mark H

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                          Maria Abay


                          I tried the MonitorMode settings to 1 or 2 for Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection and we still see lost multicast packets. So, we did more testing and the only time we didn't see lost packets is when we were using an USP ethernet adapter, ASIX AX88772A USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter. I hope you can help me with this issue or if you know who in Intel we can start working with.


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                            Hi Maria,

                            I am making a guess that you have already tried the latest drivers from Intel. You might want to uninstall that software and install the package that Dell supports on your laptops. You should also check for any BIOS updates from Dell to see if any updates might apply to your network connection.


                            Thanks for the offer to work with Intel on resolving the issue. Your dropped packets might be related to previously reported packet drop issues that are already being worked, but I can't tell for sure. With built-in network connections the fix could be something that is custom from your OEM, which Intel would not be able to supply. If you have tried solutions from Dell and the issue still exists, your best bet will be to continue to work with Dell in finding the right fix.


                            You could also be running into some incompatibility with the switch or router on the other end of the cable You could experiment with disabling advanced features on the network connection to see if the packet drops go away or become less frequent. I can recall at least one instance where disabling Energy Efficient Ethernet resolved dropped packets. See the screen shot below on where to find the Energy Efficient Ethernet configuration.  I don't know if changing any configuration items will help you or not, but trying is probably worthwhile.



                            I hope this helps. Let me know if disabling Energy Efficient Ethernet helps.


                            Mark H

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                              Maria Abay



                              I was able to reprodue the lost multicast packets on HP laptops with Intel 82579LM and 82577LM with driver version When we upgraded the driver to then we could not reproduce the issue anymore. I have not tried it on the DELL laptop yet (it's being used for other testing). I should be able to test on that too later this week. I'm hopefull that the new driver should resolve the issue on the DELL laptop as well.


                              Thanks for all your help.



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                                Mark Sauer

                                Hi Mark,


                                I sorry for responding to this old thread, but I'm wondering if there has been any progress on the packet loss issue on the 82579LM gigabit ethernet chip.  I have a serious problem in that I have built a few hundred servers built using S1200KPR motherboards, which contain the 82579LM for ethernet 0.  These servers receive multicast traffic at a high rate, and I am seeing a large amount of packet loss (as compared to other servers receiving the same multicast).  The servers are running linux, and I have tried the latest linux e1000e driver, which did not help.  I have also tried disabling the EEE (energy efficient ethernet) in the driver, and this also did not help.  I also tried disabling interrupt moderation - this actually improved the situation a little bit, but did not remove the issue.  The packet loss is not reported in ethtool, or in ifconfig, so I believe it is the issue mentioned in the Intel® 6 Series Chipset, Intel® C200 Series Chipset: Spec Update document (errata 23)


                                I also had a problem with ethernet 1, which uses the 82574L, but I was able to fix the issue on that side with an EEPROM setting using ethtool that I found in this forum I believe.


                                The errata mentions a bios update may help, do you know if this has been written?  Or even better if there is an EEPROM setting that could be applied using ethtool to prevent the chip from entering a low power state?




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                                  Since nobody was interested in this, and i do have the same problem (dropping packets), i did investigate this, and make it work. It took me 2 days. I guess, that is to much for big corporation, is it?


                                  Anyhow, to avoid copy/paste, look at http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=30922613 for explanation, and http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=30922661 for resolution.


                                  Please try it, and report back. It does work for me (tm).



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                                    Mark Sauer



                                    I tried the patch that you suggested in the forum, and it appears to clear up the issue for me.  Thank you so much for posting.  I had actually tried setting that bit in the driver myself, but clearly I tried it in the wrong spot.  I was not sure where to set it in the driver, but where you did it appears to do the job.


                                    I hope this fix makes it into the next release of the e1000e driver.