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    Intel 520 and raid0 with TRIM




      I'm planning to buy two Intel 520 120 GB SSDs and I have a question. I know that these drives do not support TRIM in raid0 yet. Will some FW upgrade solve this problem? I've read something about RST, but due fact I don't understand how RST has something to do with raid0 and continual write I'd like to be enlightened by some of You guys, who know the problematics.


      Thank You very much for any reply,






      P.S.: My rig is Asus Sabertooth P67 rev. 2.0 [probably will kill it by adding new HDDs, now I use only those unfaulty sata ports], Core i7 2600K, Asus GTX 580, 16 gigs of ram [DDR3 1666 MHz [corsair]], and legal Windows 7 Professional 64 bit OEM.