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    DN2800 motherboard during system boot screen freezes


      I recently obtained a system build around the Intel DN2800 motherboard.  I want to use this system to run linux on it.  The system has no DVD, I'm using a USB stick to boot from.  However, just seconds after I start the system and the first bits are read from the USB stick with linux on it (I use openSUSE), the boot screen freezes.  This prevents me, to do anything further with the system .  According to an article at linuxtech.net this is because (according the author): "the driver is seeing a ghost FullHD display device on the LVDS port, despite nothing is attached to it."  I think that I've the same problem.


      Might the recently (6 april 2012) released bios update (version ....154) for this board (DN2800) cure this problem?  If not are there other ways to get this problem cured?  At this moment I can't use the system, as I'm not able to install linux on it, without trickery.


      I already opened a bug report with openSUSE, this bug report provide maybe some more or other information than I provided here.


      From the before mentioned article, the author was able to get the system booted using the kernel argument video=LVDS-1:d.


      Would it help to set the primary video adapter to VGA in the bios settings?


      Looking forward to get this problem solved.