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    Unable to send desktop to remote display


      I am not a techie, so pardon my ignorance. But as many have experienced, I'm unable to get my system connected to the WIDI TV adapter.


      My main components are the following:

      - Sony Z122 Laptop

      - Intel Core i5 520M 2.4GHz

      - Intel Graphics Media Accelrator HD

      - NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M
      - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN


      The adapter is:

      - D-Link MainStage TV Adapter for Intel Wireless Display (DHD-131)


      I have the latest Intel® drivers:

      - Wireless diriver:
      - Graphic driver:
      - Intel Widi version


      Finally, the OS is:

      - Windows 7 Pro 64 Bits Version 6.1 (Build 7601 Service Pack1)


      I have reinstalled the latest Intel ProSet/Wireless and Intel wiDi drivers. Entered the 4 digit code displayed on the TV on the WiDi application. Initially the TV gave the error Could Not Obtain a Network Address. On retry, it says on the TV: Connecting, then says Connected, then brings back to the Ready for Connection screen. The WiDi App brings up the error 'Unable to send desktop to remote display'


      Windows firewall allows both the required applications. It had WiDi App, but not Wireless PAN DHCP and DNS Server, which I allowed.


      I called D-Link customer service, no good. They gave up after half hour. Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Hello Illiterate


          I have seen the "could not obtain network address"  in a couple other threads, and i have a couple of suggestions.


          First, take a look at this thread:



          The user "mmoreno" posted some usefull information on how to resolve this issue, and furthermore a step-by-step guide on upgrading all the driver and application components.


          Second, you may also want to follow the steps mentioned on thread #4 on the link below.


          Quoting the thread:


          Here are a couple things you could try (but you may have already done these if you have done all the troubleshooting steps.


          1.) I assume that laptop is near the TV and the adapter (12 feet or so ...less if better). When connecting to PTV1000 is signal strength strong (bars).


          2.) Reset the adapter (Netgear PTV100): With PTV100 turned on,  Push in the reset button with a paper clip ...reset button looks like a little hole to the right of the Yellow, white, Red VGA connection on the back. Hold for at least 3 seconds. You should consult your user guide for more info on reset. You will have to repeat the out of the box experience when it boots back up.


          3.) Close wireless display technology software. Next open the Intel My WiFi Utility from your Start menu (programs->Intel) or look for the Intel MWT icon see here in you task bar (lower right).   Disable Intel My WiFi Technology by selecting the disable button in Intel My WiFi Utility, then  Re-enable Intel My WiFi Technology by selecting Enable Intel My WiFi Technology. Open Wireless Display Technology and try to reconnect.


          4.)  If you are using Windows firewall, make sure you Windows* Firewall is correctly setup: (See FAQ # 9 in the netgear manual). Select Start>Search and type in the search field Allow programs through a Windows Firewall. Add WiDiApp and Wireless PAN DHCP Server to the list of allowed programs. Make sure both private and public checkboxes are selected.


          This can help you resolve the issue you are having.



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            This laptop has a switchable graphics configuration which means it switches between the Nvidia graphics and Intel HD graphics. WiDI requires Intel HD graphics. The laptop uses Intel HD graphics when it is set in "Stamina Mode". The laptop usually operates in Nvidia graphics mode and this is incompatible with WiDI. There may be a button above the keyboard to set the laptop in Stamina mode. Otherwise the laptop manual might have details on how to manually or automatically switch to Stamina mode.when using WiDi.

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              Thanks for the tips.


              vmr - The lapop indeed has the slider above the keyboard to switch graphics. I flipped it to STAMINA. But it did not help.


              Next, I tried the following steps:


              1. Uninstalled both Wireless Driver and WiDi software

              2. Rebooted the machine

              3. Reinstalled Intel ProSet/Wireless driver Wireless_14.3.0.6_s64.exe

              4. Rebooted the machine

              5. Reinstalled Intel WiDi software

              6. In the meantime reset the D-Link adapter by pressing the reset butten at the back for 3 sec

              7. Rebooted the laptop again

              8. Launched the MyWiFi app, disabled the adapter, enabled again

              9. Launched the WiDi app

              10. TV screen asked to enter the four digit code on laptop, which I did and the TV screen displayed successful

              11. Tried connecting, TV says connecting, then Connected, finally goes back to Ready for Connection

              12. WiDi app says unable to send desktop to remote display - same as before


              I noticed one strange thing. The MyWiFi Technology window shows Connecte Devices (0), and below that shows Previously Conncted Device (1) with a MAC number under it and the word 'Blocked' written against it. The 12 digit MAC address is exactly the address on on the D-Link Adapter. I deleted this entry by right clicking on it. Then tried connecting again in the WiDi app. No connection, and the blocked device reappears in the MyWiFi Technology screen.


              Seems the adapter is being blocked by the MyWiFi Technology. But why?

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                Thanks again for the detailed reply.


                Can I get the exact model number for your computer? We would like to look at the components that you have installed in your computer. I already see all of the driver versions that you were working with so that will help. I am going to try and recreate the issue you are having to see if I can come up with anything.


                I will let you know what I find out here in the next day or two.





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                  I have been having the exact same problem the last couple of days.  However, I have previously had success connecting to my adapter.  I did download the latest version of firmware when I was prompted the last time I opened my widi.  That is the only thing that I can think of...

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                    Thanks for the posting.


                    I would recommend checking your computer for any update to either any of your network components, video, or audio devices. Any update could have caused an issue depending on how the driver in question works.





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                      Sorry, I saw your note form last week just now. My laptop product name is Sony Vaio VPC122GX and model is PCG-31112L.


                      I had reinstalled all the drivers on 12th March. I can try installing again - let me know.


                      Thanks for looking into this.

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                        Thanks again for the posting.


                        I would like you to try the following. Uninstall all the software for Intel® Wireless Display. Reboot your computer. Make sure your switchable graphics is set for stamina mode. Once you are back into windows, follow all the installation instructions that you have been following so far. Let me know if that was of any help.





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                          Paul - Thanks for your help. I did as you instructed:


                          Uninstalled the WiDi Driver

                          Restarted the computer

                          Reinstalled the latest WiDi Driver v


                          No conenction still. The WiDi detects the adaptor - good signal with all five bars. I hit Connect. The TV goes from 'Ready for Connection...' to 'Connecting...', then "Connected to Intel wireless display. Please wait'. After a few seconds it flips back to "Ready for Connection...." screen. Meanwhile, the WiDi application on the screen says "Unable to send desktop to remote display".


                          Also noticed that on the Intel My WiFi Technology screen on the laptop, this adaptor is shown as 'blocked'. When I hit 'connect' and the TV says 'connected', the adaptor moves to the 'connected device" section for a few seconds, then flips back to 'blocked' section.


                          Thanks again for the help.

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                            It helped for me to close windows firewall as it was stopping the connection, i gather other people have been having a similar problem with netnanny or something of the kind.

                            my problems started a week a go after updating my windows 7