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    Migrate a single drive to RAID 0 (two drives)




      I have a Z68 motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z68M-D2H) with Intel RAID/Rapid Storage.
      I currently have a single SATA drive with a single volume/partition (running Windows Home Server 2011 aka 2008 R2).


      I would like to migrate the current config to a 2 drive RAID 0 or 3 Drive RAID 5.




      1. Can you migrate (preserve the existing volume) without having to reinstall. The documentation sort of says yes but the screenshot shows "All data will be lost" warning.


      2. If the answer is yes to above: I'd assume i'd install the Intel RAID drivers first, then go into the BIOS to enable RAID and migrate to the RAID volume.

      That way the drivers for the RAID are already present once the server reboots?


      Thanks for your time.