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    Are "Dismounted" ESRT-II RAID 1 Drives NTFS Compatible?


      Having issues with embedded RAID 1 drive sets and would like to confirm that the drives are 1) NTFS compatible when removed from RAID 1 configuration and 2) drive sets can be moved from one ESRT system to another based on RAID info being recorded on the individual HDDs themselves.


      Would like to be able to remove single drive from RAID 1 set to mount and read in XP PC to copy data, etc.


      I believe I have seen info here on the Intel site indicating this but would like "official" confirmation.


      Thanks,  Dale

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          The format type is a function of the operating system you formatted the partition on. In Windows right click on the volume and select properties to view the file system type.


          You can move the RAID set to another ESRT2 system. That's basically what occurs if a server board fails and you replace it with another.


          A RAID 1 mirror set is two drives with the same data on each. The data is placed on the disks as data, not some encrypted information by the RAID controller. So it "should" work as you describe, but it's not really standard process to do that.


          That said, I recommend, if at all possible, to backup your data to make sure you can recover from any difficulty encountered during the process.



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            Tnx for response to my post regarding file system used by embedded RAID controllers.


            We have been grappling with an issue where the RAID configuration is lost each time we restart the system forcing us to reconfigure the arrays which are 2 pairs of SATA drives set to mirror.


            The OS and data have always been there upon restart after configuration and the server runs fine otherwise.


            BIOS config is stable with SATA as RAID as selected.


            Recently we replaced the server MB (S5000VSA) and when we restarted the problem continued as with the original MB.


            However, when we reverted the MB config to SATA without the RAID and started the system with only one of each of the RAID array drives (HDD0 (zero) and HDD2, the first of each of the mirror drive sets) the OS ran perfectly but the HDD2 (data) drive showed up as foreign and after importing reported as the M: drive and not formatted to the OS (Win2K8-R2).


            We were able to recover the data mirror by returning the BIOS to SATA as RAID, reconfiguring the system upon restart and then running a consistency check on the HDD2-HDD3 mirror set.


            Something seems fishy about this and I am wondering if this is giving us a clue as to why the RAID config will not stick through a restart.


            We have the most current RAID drivers and fairly current BIOS & firmware on both boards.


            The fact that this loss of config happens on both S5000VSA MBs with different versions of BIOS, RAID driver and firmware has me baffled for an explanation and therefore a resolution!!


            Any ideas??


            Thanks,  Dale



            .PS - Just had the thought that we should try removing the data mirror set and testing the OS mirror to see if remains after restart to further point the finger at the data drive devices as possibly the cause of the problem.  Your thoughts?