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    critical temperature for Core 2 Duo Processor E6550




      What is the critical temperature for Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 that the Computer BIOS should shut down the machine?

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          The maximum recommended temperature for this processor is 72 degrees Celsius.

          But the system will shut down when the processor reached around 90 - 100 degrees Celsius

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            Thx a lot, but cannot find temperature settings in the BIOS on my Lenovo Desktop.


            My system:


            01: None 00.0: 10105 BIOS
              [Created at bios.190]
              Unique ID: rdCR.lZF+r4EgHp4
              Hardware Class: bios
              BIOS Keyboard LED Status:
                Scroll Lock: off
                Num Lock: on
                Caps Lock: off
              Serial Port 0: 0x3f8
              Parallel Port 0: 0x378
              Base Memory: 632 kB
              PnP BIOS: @@@0000
              BIOS: extended read supported
              MP spec rev 1.4 info:
                OEM id: "LENOVO"
                Product id: "THINKCEN"
                2 CPUs (0 disabled)
              BIOS32 Service Directory Entry: 0xfdbca
              SMBIOS Version: 2.5
              BIOS Info: #0
                Vendor: "LENOVO"
                Version: "2RKT38AUS"
                Date: "02/15/2008"
                Start Address: 0xe0be0
                ROM Size: 4096 kB
                Features: 0x0593001100000008da80
                  PCI supported
                  PnP supported
                  BIOS flashable
                  BIOS shadowing allowed
                  ESCD supported
                  CD boot supported
                  EDD spec supported
                  ACPI supported
                  USB Legacy supported
                  LS-120 boot supported
                  Smart Battery supported
                  BIOS Boot Spec supported
              System Info: #1
                Manufacturer: "LENOVO"
                Product: "6072A5G"
                Version: "ThinkCentre M57"
                Serial: "LMVFD79"
                UUID: undefined, but settable
                Wake-up: 0x06 (Power Switch)
              Board Info: #2
                Manufacturer: "LENOVO"
                Product: "LENOVO"
                Version: "NONE"
                Serial: "NONE"
                Type: 0x0a (Motherboard)
                Features: 0x09
                  Hosting Board
                Location: "INSIDE"
                Chassis: #3
              Chassis Info: #3
                Manufacturer: "LENOVO"
                Version: "NONE"
                Serial: "NONE"
                Type: 0x03 (Desktop)
                Bootup State: 0x03 (Safe)
                Power Supply State: 0x03 (Safe)
                Thermal State: 0x03 (Safe)
                Security Status: 0x03 (None)
              Processor Info: #4
                Socket: "LGA 775"
                Socket Type: 0x15 (Other)
                Socket Status: Populated
                Type: 0x03 (CPU)
                Family: 0xbe (Other)
                Manufacturer: "Intel"
                Version: "Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E6550  @ 2.33GHz"
                Processor ID: 0xbfebfbff000006fb
                Status: 0x01 (Enabled)
                Voltage: 1.8 V
                External Clock: 333 MHz
                Max. Speed: 3600 MHz
                Current Speed: 2300 MHz
                L1 Cache: #5
                L2 Cache: #6