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        Hi Nil,

        Found a workaround.


        If you set the umask to 022 you will be able to build linux and copy to mcpc and boot without being prompted for a root password.


        The ubuntu box I was using as a buildPC had a default umask of 002.  This caused the Linux build to give the /root /root/.ssh wrong permissions.


        So to solve the problem make sure you have umask 022 in your /etc/profile.


        I also did a fresh install of the build repository.  I believe if you do not have the umask set correctly at this point, this is where the problem starts.

        Checking the sccLinux/target_skeleton files, showed improper permissions for ssh access when umask 0002 was used.


        Thanks to Jan-Arne Sobania for the step by step procedure using virtual serial ports and minicom to help solve this problem.  A very useful diagnosing feature.



        One workaround is:

        Make sure you have a umask of 022 before downloading repository.

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          I can confirm that this works perfectly. I tried both ways and you are correct the umask has to be set before downloading repository otherwise problem persists.



          Thank you.

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