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      • 45. Re: Anyone else had a repeat 8mb brick on 320 ssd AFTER firmware update.

        My experience is similar to aaedaien and others.  Bricked 320.  Installed firmware uodate.  Random "drive not found errors."


        Now it is bricked again with the 8MB error but this time it is not recoverable using the toolbox.


        It would be nice to have a fix. 

        • 46. Re: Anyone else had a repeat 8mb brick on 320 ssd AFTER firmware update.

          i also have the same experience as above.


          Mine is a brand new 160G 320 ssd i get in November 2011, with latest firmware(same as the bug fix firmware).

          Installed on Asus laptop as primary OS hard disk, doesn't have any blue screen, the laptop suddenly go black and get error message like "the boot drive is no longer found, please insert new boot device".


          The drive caught 8mb brick bug with Error 16X(will put the picture up later) and i manage to secure erase with Parted Magic linux live usb drive boot debug tool. It's not recoverable using the toolbox because  it need to power cycle it before secure erase, the toolbox is not able to do so.(poor program)


          is that i still can RMA after i regain the disk space?


          i doesn't trust the drive any more because all my valuable data in it is gone.  Please provide a fix.

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            In my opinion Intel should have recalled this product.


            But they chose to gamble with customer data - really unbelievable!

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              I have a 600GB Intel 320 SSD drive that I flashed the firmware update on back in Sept of 2011.


              Today, March 28, 2012, I experienced the dreaded 8MB bug. This is simply unacceptable.


              # fdisk -l /dev/sda


              Disk /dev/sda: 8 MB, 8388608 bytes
              255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 1 cylinders, total 16384 sectors
              Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
              Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
              I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
              Disk identifier: 0x00000000

              # hdparm -i /dev/sda




              Model=INTEL SSDSA2CW600G3, FwRev=4PC10362, SerialNo=BAD_CTX     00000136
              Config={ Fixed }
              RawCHS=16383/16/63, TrkSize=0, SectSize=0, ECCbytes=0
              BuffType=unknown, BuffSize=unknown, MaxMultSect=16, MultSect=16
              CurCHS=260/1/63, CurSects=16380, LBA=yes, LBAsects=16384
              IORDY=on/off, tPIO={min:120,w/IORDY:120}, tDMA={min:120,rec:120}
              PIO modes:  pio0 pio3 pio4
              DMA modes:  mdma0 mdma1 mdma2
              UDMA modes: udma0 udma1 udma2 udma3 udma4 udma5 *udma6
              AdvancedPM=no WriteCache=enabled
              Drive conforms to: unknown:  ATA/ATAPI-2,3,4,5,6,7


              * signifies the current active mode

              • 49. Re: Anyone else had a repeat 8mb brick on 320 ssd AFTER firmware update.

                I sold mine at a big loss and warned the buyer. Clearly there is something going on here. They've been silent about this issue. Probably they've identified the cause and it's a huge liability, hence the silence.

                • 50. Re: Anyone else had a repeat 8mb brick on 320 ssd AFTER firmware update.

                  First off, I want to thank you all for opening my eyes to an issue that will probably hit my system, sooner or later.  The Intel 320 series seems to be more problematic than once believed.


                  I have a few suggestions.  I have an HP Envy 17, that shipped with the 320 series drive.  HP recently released a firmware update for the drive, that supposedly addresses the 8 mb issue.  See here:







                  The specific firmware is newer than the one Intel offers  4PC10365


                  I have not been able to flash it on my system, for some odd reason...but if you have WinZip or WinRAR, you can unzip the contents of the file and inside you will find an .iso file that can be burned to a CD and you can do the bootable flash in IDE mode if you have a second machine.


                  Perhaps HP, in conjunction with Intel, have found the solution...and HP customers are the guinea pigs.  Not sure if you are comfortable with this idea...but it has to be better than your 320 series bricking over and over.


                  As far as I am concerned...I have used the Intel migration tool to clone my SSD to an external 500 GB HDD.  This way, if and when my 320 bricks, I will remove and put the HDD in so I can continue my work.  My Envy is my main work system, and I cannot afford to lose some of the data that it has on it.  Also, I backup my system regularly, so I can restore to another drive.  Currently, even though the 320 is installed on a laptop, I have sleep, hibernation and any kind of Windows utility that changes the system state to OFF!  I am using a laptop as a desktop...so as not to initiate the failure


                  My first inclination is to find another SSD to replace the 320 as my OS drive.  Install my OS on the new SSD and use the 320 as my D drive that will contain non necessary data and programs.  I was thinking of the Intel 520 series, until I began reading of the BSOD issues that are starting to pop up.  So now my options seem to be either Crucial or Samsung, for the reliability of their drives seems unquestioned.


                  Intel seems to be either ignoring your pleas, or the HP solution, as I stated earlier, may be a "beta" situation for Intel and HP.  If it works, you may see intel release the 365 firmware.  Can it hurt you to download and try it?  I have to remove the SSD from my Envy and flash on another system.  I contacted HP about the failure of the firmware flash to work on my system and all they do is scratch their heads.


                  Just wanted to share what HP has found and see if it the solution is viable.  If you try to use the flasher as is, and don't have an HP system...it will certainly fail.  Then I found the .iso inside the file and it should be universal.



                  • 51. Re: Anyone else had a repeat 8mb brick on 320 ssd AFTER firmware update.

                    I just tried the HP update on a SSDSA2BW160G3L Lenovo drive without any luck. I didn't have much hope since the drive model is slightly different than what the HP support page mentions.


                    I can confirm that if you burn the HP ISO and boot to it, it will indeed attempt to detect and update the drive. The updater is basically a modified version of the SSD Toolbox. It says it is version 1.9.3 and there is HP notices plastered all over.


                    Maybe it will work for other non-HP drives, but not for Lenovo it seems. I wonder if each OEM gets a slightly different drive model though, designed to prevent this. For example, my Lenovo drive ends with G3L (L for Lenovo?) and the HP drives end with G3H (H for HP?). If that is the case they may have written the firmware to only update specific HP OEM drives. If that is written into the firmware, then I doubt we'll have much luck getting the HP firmware to work for other non-HP people.


                    ...Unless we could spoof the type of drive we have to appear as an HP drive.

                    • 52. Re: Anyone else had a repeat 8mb brick on 320 ssd AFTER firmware update.

                      Figured I'd take a shot and see if it would work.  I get the H and L scheme...worth a try.  I still wonder why HP releases 365 and Intel is still on 362.  The sad part of the 320 series is gambling on "when" it will tank.  As I said...I have all power schemes on my Envy NOT to turn off or sleep or hibernate....but I also read where the 8mb bug might bite on shut down as well...ouch!  Now I am considering the original plan...either the 520 series as OS or M4 from Crucial.  Best price points for 240 / 256 GB drives right now.  Then move the 320 to D (replace my 750 GB 7200 rpm HDD) and have two SSD's in the system

                      • 53. Re: Anyone else had a repeat 8mb brick on 320 ssd AFTER firmware update.

                        Just read this one:




                        Maybe they got it right this time? Awfully fast update for a recent product line, methinks.

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                          Today my 320 600GB was bricked at startup after a clean shutdown yesterday. I have now bought a Samsung 830 512GB to replace it. This was the third time (once before and twice after the "fix" was applied) it was bricked. It will be a cold day in hell before an Intel SSD will find its way into any computer I manage.


                          If you use an Intel 320 SSD, be warned: Your data is at risk. Even if you take frequent backups you will probably lose some data and you will definitely lose time resetting the disk and restoring the data.

                          • 55. Re: Just ordered an HP Envy 17 last week with an Intel 320 SSD - Doh!

                            Wish I would have known about this beforehand.  Looks like I'll be purchasing another SSD to clone the original 300GB drive to before it goes to sleep with the fishes!  Should be able to clone the original Intel drive via USB/Docking Station, anyone have any recommedations for such a task?  The Envy 17 has SATA III USB capabilities.  Thanks!



                            • 56. Re: Just ordered an HP Envy 17 last week with an Intel 320 SSD - Doh!




                              I got a 320 series in my Envy 17 as well.  I replaced it on 4/1/2012 with ththe above.  You can cloine in one of two ways.  My choice was to use the Intel Migration tool, which you can download from Intel support section.  You can also use Acronis True Image 2011 or 2012.  Choose the Clone tool and choose manual, then let it proportionally move the partitions.  Was up and fully running in less than 20 minutes.  Intel seems to be ignoring this issue, and I cannot afford to lose the data on my Envy.  Currently, my 300 GB 320 series drive sits in the Samsung 830 series box, awaiting some "fix", so I can put it back into my Envy as drive D:.   I spoke with HP reps about this and they were "surprised" with the issue.  Had me send them the link to this thread.  Too bad, when I send the link, it is to a non existing HP mailbox...Unbelievable!  Another option you have is to cancel your order with HP and either re-order with a regular HDD and still replace with a retail SSD.  Your choice.  Between HP and Intel...I won't be purchasing any of their products in the future.  Love my Envy...but come to find out...they don't let one enable AHCI in the bios.  They rely on Intel Rapid Storage Manager...go figure!


                              Another nice option to replace the Intel is the Plextor Pro series....rave reviews




                              • 57. Re: Just ordered an HP Envy 17 last week with an Intel 320 SSD - Doh!

                                Unfortunately, to cancel the order at this point would result in me losing out on the $814 discount I received with the 33% coupon code...me thinks it's worth the risk to take possession at this point and change the drive configuration either with an HDD or SSD/HDD combination.  Or, if the original SSD should go "belly up" in the first 21 days, I can always return it via the RMA process. Looks like they have an new bios update - F.07 (4-6-2012), "provides an update to prevent an intermittent issue where the system does not start (boot) properly".  Sounds like a pretty important bios fix to me, so I hope that the latest bios version is installed in my unit (scheduled to ship 4-12-2012). 

                                • 58. Re: Anyone else had a repeat 8mb brick on 320 ssd AFTER firmware update.

                                  Same here. A brand new Lenovo T420s equipped with SSDSA2BW160G3L suddenly failed, and are now diplaying one empty partition of 8MB!! I'm a reseller, and have sold quite a bit of these. I will now stop selling them until Lenovo changes SSD supplier or the problem is confirmed fixed by Intel. Will be interesting to see what type of drive Lenovo ships as RMA.




                                  • 59. Re: Anyone else had a repeat 8mb brick on 320 ssd AFTER firmware update.

                                    Same. After install latest firmware (362), got freezed computer and lost all my data.
                                    After complete formating I got same error after 10 days of using.


                                    Any chance to install old firmware? With old firmware all is OK.
                                    Any chance to get new fixed firmware?