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        Still no solution?


        Different but possibly related issue...My customer with the link drop issue is also having an issue with WOL on their HP 6000's. Yesterday we figured out the issue with WOL.


        It turns out the customer is running a 100baseT network with 4-wire, 2 twisted pair CAT5. It looks like these new Intel cards (82567LM-2) do not support 4 wire CAT5 and WOL.


        If you plug-in a 4 wire cable and place the machine off or standby the link light will turn off no matter what NIC settings you apply. If you connect to the same machine with 8 wire Cat5 (no changes) the blinking light is there and WOL works.


        We are still having issues with the network drops. If anyone has a fix please reply.

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          This case is still open for us.


          We did turn off AMT on all Optiplex 780's and 960's which mostly fixed the problem of intermittent connectivity on resume from S3.  There was a BIOS update for Optiplex 980's (A02) that fixed the same problem (symptoms, to be more accurate), but none of the BIOS updates for the 960 helped.


          We kept the case open with Dell and they have repro'ed the problem and have esclated it to an engineering group.

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            Dell tells me Intel is still working on it (a BIOS/AMT change).

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              Hello all,


              I have read through this thread with the same frustration and issues that others have had with this specific NIC.


              We have two 760's exhibiting the same behavior...I was curious if anyone has tried this latest driver from Intel, 16.4?



              I will install this later today and see how it goes.

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                Can somebody update please on this issue?
                I've been having same issue for long time and no reolsuion yet.


                Does driver version 16.4 solve the problem?

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                  Dell called me Thursday (10/13/11) to ask if I'd be in the office the next couple weeks so they can set up a conference call with them and Intel on our case with the Optiplex 960's.  Note that in this particular case, if we disable MEBx/AMT the problem goes away, and we are only complaining about one disconnect/reconnect after connect after resume from S3 with MEBx/AMT enabled.  The A02 BIOS for the 980 resovled the problem more than a year ago so we'd mostly like to know why that version of MEBx can't be put into a 960 BIOS update or what exactly is going on.


                  The most recent Dell driver (Win 7 32-bit) does not change the situation.


                  If you are still having intermittent connectivity on Optiplex 960s after disabling MEBx/AMT, then that is different than what we are seeing.

                  • 112. Re: 82567LM keeps showing disconnect in event log

                    I may be pushing progress backwards with this reply but my disconnect problem was resolved almost a year ago.  There was a theory going back then that it had to do with power management.  As I recall, the 82567LM-3 driver shipped with my Dell Optiplex 780 / Windows 7/64 had limited control of power management options.  The previous version,, dated 10/21/2008 did.  I rolled back to that drver and haven't had a disconnect since.  "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is not checked.

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                      Thanks all for your replies.


                      Wayne, I had issues with the latest driver ( and the older one (, but I never tried the one you recommended (

                      I couldn't find this driver for Windows7 32bit, can you please send me a link where I can download it and give it a try.. thanks.

                      • 114. Re: 82578DM keeps showing disconnect in event log

                        I am having the same problem as original. I have only two computers running 7 Pro connected to a domain running server 08.  Anytime I try to transfer any files I and constantly getting disconnected and then reconnected 1 or 2 seconds later. The logs are showing a diconnect every 5 seconds then a reconnect 1 second later.


                        Baffled, tried most of the suggestions here with no luck.  Strange thing is that two days ago everything was working fine.... nothing changed, no updates, no new software, nothing.... it just started out of no where.

                        Any help would be great.


                        My nic is the 82578DM.




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                          My machine shipped with which apparently was upated by installing Dell R234067 at the factory.  I believe that I clicked on "Roll Back Driver" and appeared.  It works perfectly with Windows 7 Professional, 64bit. 


                          Since the driver versions you listed are newer than what I started out with, you my not be able to roll back to as I did.  Hopefully you can find it somewhere.  I would image the machine first just in case.


                          Version was disconnecting constantly.  Accessing the network caused the "connecting" animation to appear over the network Icon in the tray.  After 5 seconds or so it was good to go until the next time usually after a period of inactivity, thus the power management theory.

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                            I have the same problem as the original on a similar intel device


                            Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection
                            Network link is disconnected.


                            Event ID: 27


                            Source: e1cexpress


                            Windows 7 64-bit


                            Asus P8Z68V-PRO


                            The issue happens consistently every 5/10 minutes.


                            It is not just a cosmetic problem as a warning showing up on the event log. The networks actually gets dropped for a couple seconds and then is restablished.


                            R. Lynx

                            • 117. Re: 82578DM keeps showing disconnect in event log

                              A number of my Dell 980's with 82578DM keeps losing their IP and not able to get one back.  Sometimes a restart will, but the tech's have had to remove from domain and then rejoin. (I KNOW.. it does not make sense to me, but it works and they do it to be able to move on)

                              I did have one try a pxe boot before removing from domain and it did pull an IP.  allowed to boot to windows.. no ip. remove and rejoin, IP.

                              Installed driver ver. dated 7/20/2011 for the 82578DM on a couple of machines last week and with a recent #%$$ storm, those 2 machines didn't show up on the list as problems and have been quiet since install of newer driver.

                              Dell.com had a driver dated 12/2010. get the 7/20/2011 from intel.com


                              all win7x64 machines deployed via SCCM, so they are identical machines/GPO/subnet/etc. on a stable network mixed in with different models that are NOT experiencing this issue.  Does not seem like they got the driver correct yet.

                              • 118. Re: 82578DM keeps showing disconnect in event log

                                After installing Intel PROSet; there is a default setting on the Power Saving Tab to 'reduce link speed' when idle.  Disabling this setting may improve this issue of the NIC disconnecting and reconnecting at a lower link speeds.

                                • 119. Re: 82567LM keeps showing disconnect in event log

                                  Hello to all,


                                  are there any news about this problem? With our Dell Optiplex GX980, GX960, Latitude E4310 we have the

                                  same problems - networks drops about 10 - 15 times in one minute - afterwards Exchange 2010 locks the mailbox for one hour....


                                  Intel and Dell have no idea......




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